Zombie Tattoos

Zombie Tattoos Zombie Tattoos History

The Zombies are originally from Haitian folklore. A zombie is a human that has died and reanimated. In most instances, the zombie is a thoughtless creature that seeks to kill, or infect, other humans. Since the 1980s and beginning of AIDS culture, zombies have traditionally infected people through contamination of bodily fluids, like blood and saliva. In most of these instances, the undead phenomenon is described as a disease or virus. With terrifying rapidity, the virus spreads the population, converting normal people into undead, mindless, inhuman creatures. In the last two or three years, zombies have become a favorite pop culture symbol. Zombies resemble the individual that they lived their life as, but behave in a manner, which is strange and completely out of their control. The origins of Zombies relate back to Haitian origins and it basically means someone that has been bought back from death by means of witchcraft or Voo-Doo.

Zombie Tattoos Meaning

The Zombie Tattoo will likely be showing decay and blood and severe wounds, all these features are typical of a Hollywood Zombie. The meaning behind this style is usually one of death and revenge. People with this style tattoo will likely have other dark demon and devil tattoos. Some people believe that zombies are so popular because they represent an expression of fear to something that is fictional, unlike things that cause the same fears but are real. Rabies, head injuries, mental disorders, etc., can all take a person and force them to behave in ways contrary to who they are and how they want to act. These fears, however, are sometimes too real for people to handle so they choose fictional means of expression in order to tackle their anxiety and discomfort. For a lot of individuals, the thought of losing control over ones one action will possibly turn out to be their biggest fear. To many people zombies represent a feeling of fear, terror, and horror, since their actions are horrifying and they only tend to exist in imaginary tales.

Zombie Tattoos Design

The Zombies are evil creatures tending to the end of the world. An amazing human imagination these tattoos somewhat bring the evil side of you and help make your statement t the world. Tattoo makers have really created some amazing designs in this genre. It really helps arouse the creepy feeling if one wants to portray one. Zombies move in groups like flocks of birds, generally at snail-slow pace that shouldn’t seem very scary yet it definitely is. They are often the cause of modern civilizations undergoing complete collapse, resulting in a worldwide apocalypse.

Zombie Tattoos Ideas

You can design a zombie and get it tattooed on your arm, or you can come up with a zombie tattoo that is a little different. the idea of a zombie is what creates such a strong impact. A bloodied face, hollow eyes and green slushy body are the usual characteristics of zombie art. They can be abstract and original, or you can talk to a tattoo artist to see what zombie flash art they have on hand. You can even transform a snapshot of a loved one into a zombie portrait tattoo, or pick a fun character like Hello Kitty and zomie-ize it. Another popular choice is to go with something from your favorite movie, or iconic imagery transformed to the edgy side.