Yin Yang Tattoos

Yin Yang Tattoos Yin Yang Tattoos History

The yin yang tattoos are rooted from traditional Chinese history and is taken from Buddhism to represent the masculine and the feminine. According to the Zen teachings of Buddhism, the ideal balance that each person must seek is represented by the yin and the yang, or the male and the female which a person must have in equilibrium in order to achieve enlightenment. Origin of Yin Yang symbol can be traced back to an ancient agrarian religion. Importance of this concept can be cited in Taoism, Confucianism and Daoism. The ‘oracle bones’ have inscriptions of earliest form of Yin Yang. Oracle bones is a term used in reference with turtle carapaces and animal shoulder blades meant for divination in ancient China.

The beliefs/philosophy of the ancient agrarian religion of China, revolved around Sun as the central figure. The daylight/day time was associated with working while the night was associated with rest. The yin yang symbol is thousands of years old and to the people of china the symbol holds great significance, like the dragon (the emperor, king) or the phoenix (rebirth, life after death). Something you may not have known is that the actual name of the symbol isn’t yin and yang its “Taijitu”. It is believed that the yin yang symbol was created by Chinese scholars.

They actually created this symbol to understand the universe better and to track the sun’s movement. The summer solstice is believed to be the birth of the yin cycle and the winter solstice is the birth of the yang. The yin yang symbol wasn’t only a symbol for the Chinese and Asian cultures. Such designs were also found to exist in the Celtic culture and the Roman culture. The yin yang symbol has been found in Celtic art and around the Celtic culture. It has also been dipicted in the Roman culture. The yin yang symbol can be found in Roman shields as well.

Yin Yang Tattoos Meaning

The Yin Yang Tattoo can consist of opposite patterns or themes like darkness and light or may contain pictures with contrary ideas like fire and water. Feelings or emotions which have meaning opposed to each other like love and hatred,sorrow and happiness can also be the subjects of yin yang tattoos. Two creatures signifying contrast in meaning can be portrayed facing each other in a tricky way. Yin yangs are Chinese symbols known to represent complimentary forces in nature. Visually, these symbols consists of two interlocking tear-shaped halves that visually create a single circle —generally with one half colored black and the other half colored white. The black “tears” represent yin while the white tears represent yang. Inside each tear is a small circle, or “seed” representing the other half. Yin, the dark side of the symbol, is thought to be slow, soft, and passive. It is associated with water, the earth, the moon, and femininity. Yang, the light side of the symbol, is fast, hard and aggressive. It is associated with fire and masculinity. Together, these two sides form a symbol that is representative of humanity.

According to Chinese tradition, the light portion of the circle is the Yin, and its nature is female and destructive. The dark half is the Yang, and is considered masculine in nature and creative. When these two opposing forces are brought together, they create the five elements that are catalysts for change throughout the universe:

  • Earth
  • Water
  • Fire
  • Wood
  • Metal

The meaning of the characters for yin and yang, has more than just one connotation. Basically interpreted, yang means “sunny”, so it corresponds to the day and more active functions. Whereas yin, means “shady”, and corresponds to night and less active functions.

Yin                                        Yang

Dark                                     Light
Matter                               Spirit
Earth                                  Sky
Female                               Male
Passive                              Active
Tiger                                   Dragon
Down                                  Up
North                                 South
Water                                 Fire
Winter                               Summer
Shade                                 Sunlight
Receptive                         Creative
Valleys                              Mountains
Even Numbers               Odd Numbers
Moon                                  Sun
Cold                                    Heat
Death                                Life

The yin yang (sometimes called the ying yang) is a Chinese symbol that represents balance. The name “yin yang” can be translated from Chinese into English as “dark and light”; two opposite forces that are represented in the symbol with the use of black and white. The dark and light halves of the design are separated with a curving line which divides the design in a natural, organic way. Each side of the yin yang sports a dot of the opposite color.

Yin Yang Tattoos Design

The Yin Yang Tattoo Designs have always been a symbol to their users of the duality of life and characteristics. The yin is an concept of light and dark, life and death, men and women. In fact, it is an concept of all of daily differences. Yin yangs are Chinese signs known to represent related forces in characteristics. Creatively, these signs consists of two interlock tear-shaped sections that visually create a single range generally with one 50 % shaded black and the other 50 % shaded white. yin yang tattoos incorporate dragons and tigers—both relative to Chinese culture but also great choices for those seeking masculine or visually powerful yin yang designs. Other popular designs pair yin yangs with dolphins, koi fish, angel wings and tribal patterns.

Adding additional design elements such as these not only help to personalize these tattoos, but they also add bursts of color for those seeking more eye-catching pieces of body art.Below are samples of objects that are commonly incorporated into yin yang tattoos and their meanings:

  • Butterflies – metamorphasis and rebirth
  • Dragons – Eastern dragons (positive and friendly) and Western dragons (generally seen as villainous).
  • Hearts – love
  • Koi – luck, loyalty, friendship and wisdom
  • Lions – strength, power and courage
  • Panthers – strength, power and beauty
  • Roses – depending on their color, roses may symbolize love, friendship, purity and death to name a few
  • Skulls – death or poison
  • Snakes – evil and rebirth
  • Swallows – hope and luck
  • Tigers – strength, power, energy, passion and beauty
  • Wolves – mystery, intelligence, strength and loyalty

A serpent, a dragon, or any other Chinese tattoo encircling the yin yang symbol makes a simple yet elegant tattoo. One can even have fire flashes or water waves that surround the yin yang symbol. Yin yang tattoos are very versatile and because of their interesting meanings, these tattoos can be easily customized. The combination of dragon and phoenix, facing each other in a circular manner, has always been a popular design. Opposite elements such as water and fire, earth and air can be used to create an interesting tattoo design. Animals or fantasy creatures can also be used in style to create yin yang tattoos.

Yin Yang Tattoos Ideas

The Yin Yang Tattoos upper back and upper arm make good placement options. While small tattoos can be placed on wrist, lower back and ankles ankle, arm, or any other part of the body.

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