Wizard Tattoos

Wizard Tattoos

Wizard Tattoos

Tattooing culture has a long history, much longer than many people actually might imagine. People often assume that the origin place of tattoos is Asia or/and the Pacific islands, but the historical and archeological research has discovered that tattooing was practiced in Europe way much more longer. Wizards are mythical beings how are seen to hold much power, they are often seen as protectors of innocent and depending on their mercy they can bring you good luck while defending of any persons that may want to hurt you with extreme force and magical spells.

Wizard Tattoo Meaning

Many people will get a wizard tattoo because of the perceived wisdom that they hold. Wizards are usually older in age and are quite often shown with long beards and holding a staff or a wand and are seen to have many years of experience, wizards do not need to be masculine as they do not have to use their physical power however seem to more use the power of will and magic.

As the wearer of a wizard tattoo you can apply just about any meaning to this design and should think of your own unique reasons why you want to have a wizard tattoo design.

Wizard Tattoo Designs

Wizard tattoos designs can come in a variety of different sizes. Due to this, they are tattooed all over the body. Wizard tattoos may only portray a wizard while some may cover the entire back. It just depends on what you are looking for in your wizard tattoo.

Wizard tattoos can portray the wizard in numerous environments or situations. Lightning is a favorite with wizard tattoos. Wizards may also be designed with clouds, flames, and fire. Wizards are also designed with dragons. When it comes to wizard tattoos, there are several options to weigh out. With so many options, it makes it a fun tattoo to create.

Wizard Tattoo Ideas

One of the great things about wizard tattoos is that they are often set in a scene and tell a story. The good wizard in purple, red or white robes standing on top of a mountain, calling fire from the skies; the dark wizard in black robes in deliberation with an archaic depiction of the devil.

There are limitless ways to depict your wizard; whether good or evil, in motion or as a single figure surrounded by many others symbols. Whatever you decide upon, you are certain to add a feeling of magic and mystery to your body art.


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