Wing Tattoos For Men

Wing Tattoos For Men - BackWing Tattoos for Men make a powerful statement, wings as a tattoo design are very popular and have many meanings and symbolisms often unique to the individual. The wing tattoo can be a representation of a desire to be closer to God or as a symbol of spirituality and faith.



Wing Tattoos For Men Meanings

The true meaning of any tattoo will be different upon each wearer. Wing Tattoos for Men can often have inspirational or spiritual symbolism. In many myths, wings often have to be earned. Wings are commonly associated with Birds, Butterflies, Dragonflies, Fairies, Mythological Winged Creatures.

Wing Tattoos for Men can represent Speed, Elevation, Freedom and Aspiration.


Wing Tattoos For Men History

Men tend to prefer wing tattoos that have a variety of objects incorporated into the Wing Tattoo design. Astrology signs, crosses, skulls and knifes are items that find favour among the males. Men state they like their tattoos to require a close look to find all the articles incorporated into the design. They are not usually all that concerned about showing feather details. The inspiration tends to come from a different place than women. They like dragon wings that symbolise strength and masculinity while eagles and falcons are also popular. All of them symbolise power, freedom and spirituality. Trends in Wing Tattoos for Men are larger, encompassing the shoulders ending around the waistline.


Wing Tattoos For Men Ideas

There are several options of how you can wear your Wing Tattoo. Wing Tattoos can be seen on hearts, halos, animals, letters, flowers, a cross, and cherubim and seraphim figures. Wings can be attached to anything you desire! A popular design is a memorial tattoo with wings attached to initials or a name of a dearly departed loved one. The portrayal of heavenly wings with the name of a lost loved one signals that person who died is now among the angels or is your own personal guardian angel. Check out the following Video & Pictures of Wing Tattoos For Men.