Tattoo practicing has a long history and is well-known in many cultures in different parts of the world. People of Africa, Asia, America and Oceania have been tattooing themselves for thousands of years and for them, these marks on the skin always carried a specific meaning and symbolism connected to religion, magic, strength or social status. Still, in so called civilized world getting a tat was, for a long time, reserved for the outcasts of society – criminals, thugs, prostitutes, as well as working class members and sailors. They were a sign of identification, affiliation to a certain group. That tradition continued later on and was, somewhere still is, practiced by bikers, inmates, soldiers and gangs. But, in the 1980s two movements – the punk and the gay – adopted tattoos, together with other modifications of the body such as piercing, as a means to express rebellion and revolt against the conservative society. From that time on, the popularity of using ink on the skin started to grow and today it involves a broad range of social classes and age groups.

why tattoo is popular

So, for what reasons people nowadays get tats? Getting a tattoo became sort of fashion, although with deeper meaning and of greater value to the owner since getting a tattoo is pretty painful, it takes a lot of planning, preparation, and after-care while removing it completely is almost impossible. However, there are many other motives hiding behind the ink.

Since today body inking is done by artists, obtaining a possible masterpiece is ranked high on the list of reasons for getting a tattoo. Many people proudly walk around showing spectacular achievements of world-famous handcrafters.

Another line of motivations is connected to self-identity. Some people see tattoos as a way to express themselves as unique individuals and show others how different they are.

Sometimes, people get hurt, physically or emotionally. Many women, victims of violence, perceive the painful procedure of getting a tattoo as a way to regain control over their bodies and thus their lives.

Then, there’s so called “lust for pain” practiced by individuals who enjoy pain for the mere physical reasons – release of endorphin – the hormone responsible for good mood. These people usually don’t end having just one tattoo – they always come back for more.

Body ornaments as a sign of commitment are pretty often, too. Lots of couples in love and best friends choose a tattoo to express how they feel.

Relevant reasons for getting an ink decoration are also spirituality and religious feelings. Unlike “modern” Christian tattoos which some claim to be sinful, in Hawaii, India, and among Native Americans tattoo has always been considered as a sign of devotion to gods and protection from evil spirits.

Is inking, together with body piercing, as some psychiatrists believe, just an instance of self-mutilation or a form of self-expression, a scream full of anger with this world of anonymity? Does a tat represent a genuine love for god or it is done to awe others? The decision is yours.

Tell us your reason why you decided to get a Tattoo?

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