Which Part of the Body is the Least Painful to Get a Tattoo On

After years and years of thinking and second thoughts, you have finally decided to tattoo a favorite name, cartoon character or some undefined abstraction, but you’re still not sure where to put it? Next to choosing the perfect drawing is choosing just the right place for it.

The first thing you have to ask yourself is whether you want it somewhere visible or hidden, exposed to looks, compliments and critique or do you want it to be seen by a particular pair of eyes. If you got that taken care of then the choice is definitely narrowing, however if you don’t like pain too much, or you’re just sensitive, take into account the places where tattooing hurts the least.

The pain of tattooing depends from the part of the body where it’s being done. It hurts the least on the places with a lot of flesh and the most where the skin is right on top of the bones, such as ribs, knees, palms and feet, but it also depends on the person. Some people are less sensitive to pain while some have really low pain threshold.
Therefore, considering that tattoos hurt the least on places with most flesh and muscle the least painful place would have to be – the calf. Both men and women can get their calves inked but you have to find the perfect design since there is not a lot of room to work on, something that will suit your build and shape.

We move on to thighs, which are perfect for tattoos as they have a lot of muscle and fat to ease the pain, but it might be more painful for those with thin thighs. The inner part of the thigh is more sensitive and can be a problem to some, however if you have toned thighs this won’t be a problem for you. Calves and thighs are places suited for both men and women, but hips are usually more tattooed by women. Even though the skin is very sensitive, hips have enough fat to cushion the pain of getting a tattoo which is perfect for getting a nice, beautifully colored masterpiece.

Ribs are one of the most painful places to get tattooed, but if you still want one close to your ribs there is an alternative – waist. One of the best places to get inked is waist, pain is not too great but the surface is! Nice, large space, just like a canvas which means you can do pretty much any design you want since there is enough room to do it.

Most of the pain comes from the fact that we don’t know what to expect. The majority of people who are getting their first tattoos are extremely nervous which puts the body under a lot of stress thus making it more sensitive. Don’t base your decision solely on the pain, tattoo is something you will most likely have for the rest of your life so do it in a place you want to see it and not where it hurts less. Pain or no pain, one thing is certain – you can’t go wrong.

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