What is the Most Popular Place for a Tattoo?

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popular tattoo areasWhat is the Most Popular Place for a Tattoo?

If you chose to do an ink job, you should consider numerous issues – what kind, technique and design of tattoo you want. Discuss it with your tattoo artist and choose something meaningful to you.

There are tattoos that are meant to be seen by everyone and tattoos that are more personal, made for someone special like your soul mate, kid or parent. Tattoos will draw attention if placed somewhere visible. Your whole body is like a canvas ready to get a tattoo of your dreams. Be that as it may, avoid places on your body which are unattractive. For example, if you have floppy arms, there’s no need to emphasize that with a tattoo. Even the most beautiful tattoo will look horrible in an unappealing spot. It is probably best to choose the part of a body you are most proud of as a place for an ink decoration – nice and firm stomach, neck or back.

Always have in mind that your skin isn’t the same on different parts of your body. In some places your skin is thicker (knees, elbows, feet, knuckles) and tattoos on these places are known to fade out faster. On the other hand, the parts with thin skin are known to be the most painful spots to get inked. Many trendy people deliberately get tattoos in painful places just to show how tough they are. The ultimate satisfaction for them is to hear: “It must have been very painful”.

Probably one of the most popular places for a tattoo for women is lower back. Also, that location is a common choice for the first tattoo. It can be easily hidden from the parents or in the office, still everybody on the beach will see how very sexy and sensual you are. Many celebrities have lower back tattoos, like Christina Aguilera, Julia Roberts, and Jessica Alba.

Wrist tattoos are very common among celebs and starlets. It is interesting that this is a spot of choice for both males and females when it comes to bracelet tattoos. People in showbiz wearing a wrist tattoo are Victoria Beckham and Eminem.

Perfect spot for women to put a tattoo design on are ankles. Choose simple and delicate tattoo design because complicated tattoos here may look like some kind of skin defect. These are popularized by Penelope Cruz and Gisele Bundchen.

When it comes to arms, anything goes to biceps area if you are not wearing long sleeved clothes. This area is suitable because it can be easily hidden when necessary.

Men can place the largest tattoos on their chest or back. However, women usually put only a small design in the area above their breasts.

A small tattoo can look very effective on the back of the neck. It is a good choice for symmetrical tattoo designs such as a star or a cross.

Last but not least most popular place for a tattoo is hands. More and more hands are being decorated with an image or a phrase every day.

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