What Bird Tattoo Would You Get?

On May 16, 2012, in Tattoo Tips, by Tristan G

Have you ever looked into the sky to see a bird gliding through the wind? Birds have always had the envy of people for their ability to fly. We long for that sense of freedom. People celebrate birds in tattoos as a way to express the feelings that they inspire as we watch them fly. They are also beautiful and diverse. Birds, as a whole, inspire both spiritual and emotion feelings. There are birds that represent every aspect of our lives. Each one, real or mythological, symbolizes something a little different. They also come in every color imaginable. That makes them more appealing as a tattoo. They can be as bright and vivid or as serene and calm as the person getting the art.

What bird would you get?

Birds are very popular tattoo designs as a whole. But, the possibilities for the types of art a person can get in a bird are virtually endless. You can choose an owl for wisdom, a parrot for your sailor side, or a dove for peace. Some bird tattoos are more popular than others.

Currently, the resurgence of the retro 50’s style has brought a new found glory for the swallow. The Old School Sailor styling is visible all around us. Swallows are a symbol of good luck and the spring season. Most often seen in pairs, they adorable little birds are simple in design that has brought tattoo art form skin to apparel. The sexy chest pieces of retro/hot rod vixens have only added fuel to the fire, making this swallow hot, hot, hot. They are beginning to compete with the American icon bird. You guessed it, the eagle.
The eagle is the national bird and it is reflected in tattoo art. This is one of the few birds that are considered more masculine. It is most often worn by men in some type of patriotic motif. Bold and beautiful, strong and regal this bird is the epitome of manliness in the United States.

Love birds are also an American favorite. Did you know they were a type of parrot? The tiny parrot is native to Africa, but has found its way across the oceans to the hearts and skin of westerners. They are most often used as a symbol of undying love, but can also represent peace, like a dove.

The grace and beauty of a pure white dove also symbolizes peace and love. The gentle cooing sound soothed the ancients, who elevated the status of this pesky pigeon cousin. In the Bible, it was a dove that brought an olive leaf to Noah, showing him that the flood was over and land was rising from the waters. You can imagine the joy and overwhelming relief that brought to the people of the ark. Tattoo art most often finds the dove in a religious themed piece.

Even birds of prey are depicted as beautiful. Ravens and crows have found new homes in the realms of tattoos with the gothic crowd. They symbolize clear sight and have portrayed messengers of death in mythology. It shows that there can also be beauty in darkness.
As tattoos birds represent personal freedom, clarity, patriotism, and love, as well as a celebration of their beauty. There is something for everyone in the tattoo art of our fine feathered friends.

So what bird tattoo would you get?


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  1. yergs says:

    Definitely an Eagle!

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