Video Game Tattoos

Video game tattoos are a very common theme among people my age… Unlike those who spent their young adult lives fighting battles in the military, we spent ours playing video games as a hobby. And since we grew up with them all our lives, they can often have deep personal meaning to us.

For video gamers, video game tattoo is very sweet to them specially if they are devoted to that game. It also looks unique comparing to other tattoo types. Some think that video game tattoo is weird but for those games, they found it attractive and nice. The earlier versions of the famous video game, Super Mario Bros, would surely pale in comparison to the latest video game releases that take advantage of high-definition monitors and hyper crisp animation.
However, one cannot deny the fact that this particular Nintendo game, as well as other early video games, has forever left a mark on our hearts. Super Mario isn’t called the best-selling video game of all time for nothing. Thus, people tend to choose these cute characters as the main themes of their tattoo designs, paying geeky ink homage to that era.