The Most Common Type of Tattoo Is

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Bet you Can’t Guess What the Most Common Type of Tattoo Is

Today, tattoos are more popular than ever before. According to statistics nearly 25% of the U.S. population has at least one tattoo. Plenty of tattoo designs give people a chance to express their personality and creativity. However, some people may regret having them done because they didn’t take time to think about a tattoo design that will show them in the best light possible. To prevent that from happening always keep in mind that the ink design will stay on your skin forever, which is why you should select your dream tattoo with the utmost care.

The Most Common Type of Tattoo is tribal tattooOne of the most preferred ink designs is a tribal tattoo. This, probably the most common tattoo, is a design that has been present in human history for thousands and thousands of years. In the ancient times tribal tattoo represented pride and belonging to a tribe, and it was often associated with manhood. Some tribes used tribal tattoos as a camouflage in the woods, and some other for medicinal purposes. The English word “tattoo” came from the Polynesian “tatau”. The tribal tattoo styles can be very different, depending on the culture they originate from – Polynesian, Indian, Aztec, Hawaiian, Mayan or Maori.  With time this type of tattoo evolved – they became more complex as the diversity of styles and design combinations increased. Nowadays it also has a social meaning since it defines someone as a member of “the urban tribe”. Tribal tattoos are very trendy and popular, especially among young generation. Tribals can be done either in the traditional solid black style covering arms and legs or the more colorful fashion that can be put on any part of the body. The latter is more popular these days than the traditional black style.

Tribal tattoo designs have numerous and different meanings. You can always add some detail to the existing tattoo design and make it unique and special or you can consult experienced tattoo artist for some new ideas. Most popular tribal tattoo designs are skulls, letters and armbands. Depending on the size of the tattoo and the number of small details, tattoo process can last pretty long and you may need to go back several times to have the tattoo finished. Drawing and tattooing your own custom tattoo can be a very complex procedure.  If you are creative enough the sky is the limit when it comes to tribal designs. Unlike the old school, modern designs contain various colors and numerous images such as butterflies, angels, fairies, stars, dragons, Kanji or Chinese characters. Good thing about tribal tattoo designs, whether they are simple or complex is that you can’t go wrong.

Tribal tattoos probably owe much of their popularity to George Clooney’s character in the Quentin Tarantino’s & Robert Rodriguez’s cult film “From Dusk Till Dawn” from 1996. Due to the fact that everything that comes from Tarantino’s kitchen is extremely cool, many young people decided to have black ‘flame’ tribal tattoo. Responsible tattoo artist for the Clooney’s tribal tattoo is Gill ‘The Drill’ Montie.

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