The Beauty & Meanings of Angel Tattoos

On October 17, 2012, in Angel Tattoos, by Tristan G

angel tattoos meaningThe Beauty & Meanings of Angel Tattoos

 It is hard to find tattoos that are more beautiful than the angel tattoos. These heavenly creatures are present in almost all main religions. Muslims believe that there are two angels accompanying every person, their job being to keep track of the good and bad deeds people do in life. Christians, as well as Jewish, developed the whole hierarchy of angels, from the mighty archangels to the seraphs and chubby cherubs.

Angels have always been portrayed differently – as beautiful and awesome, childlike or, even, ashamed and hurt in a case of fallen angels. Be as it may, all of these interpretations are also present in the world of tattooing mostly because they can be symbols of many things people find important in life – love, guardianship, protection, compassion, faith, pure heart and innocence.

Angel tattoos can take many forms and styles in order to represent someone’s personality and point of view. There are, basically, a few different types of angel tattoo designs and here are some of them:

Baby angel tattoos are equally popular among men and women. Many people who have lost their child choose a solid black baby angel tattoo as a symbol of their sorrow and loving memory. But, baby angel tattoos can be colorful and vivid if they are symbols of love. They can be made with glitter, holding bow and arrow, framed by a heart, and smiling. It all depends on a person.

Fallen angels were banished from heaven for their sins, so they are usually presented with their wings broken or even without wings, with a halo above their head. Fallen angels symbolize pride, free will, and rebellion, but they are also a symbol of suffering and pain. It’s a tattoo of choice of people who are disappointed because they feel their relationship with the Almighty has failed them.

A guardian angel is a symbol of protection and it is believed that they accompany us from the first day on Earth till we die. They are watching over us and guiding us through the life helping us make the right decisions.

Warrior angels are a symbol of authority and justice. They are believed to be the closest and the most loyal to god. Since their mission is to bravely fight and destroy the evil in the world, they are always presented as strong men or women dressed in armor with a helmet and shield, wearing a sword or a spear. They are usually presented with a pair of great wings modeled to resemble those of an eagle or a swan. Warrior angels are a symbol of strength, courage, power and righteousness.

Dakinis or Sky Dancing Angels are the Eastern variation of angels. In Buddhism they are spirits devoted to the truth or Dharma. They can be good or Wisdom Dakini and malicious or Worldly Dakini. They are usually portrayed in a female form, beautiful or demonic. Worldly Dakinis are still tied to Earth by their past actions and not totally free, while the Wisdom Dakinis are the enlightened ones, the ones who reached the ultimate level of emptiness and wisdom. Dakinis are symbols of wisdom and freedom from human desire for gold and wealth.

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