Teeth Tattoos

Another new tattoo type is the teeth tattoo. Even though there is not much images or videos about teeth tattoo designs but many of the tattoo artist are accepting customers who wants to have a tattoo on their teeth. This tattoo type or design is unusual but still a cool tattoo.

The art of tooth tattooing is as ancient as time itself. The variations however sometimes have us in awe. Tooth tattoos are no new fad but most people have never heard of them. This artistic embellishing of teeth is intrinsic, creative, and painless. Tattoos can be as simple or as complex as the client want, though the more complex the design, the harder it is to appreciate it. Colored, simpler designs are easier to see and appreciate.

A US dental technician is blazing a trail as one of the world’s first tooth tattooist. Steve Heward is also a trained tattooist and hand paints minute works of art onto crowns. Tattooing a tooth is similar to repairing a chipped tooth and can cost anywhere from $50 to $500 depending on the design to be applied.