Symbol Tattoos For Women

Symbol Tattoos For Women Symbol Tattoos For Women

the symbols used in our lives today will intrigue and teach the future generations. Look upon these symbols with new eyes, and appreciate them for their depth, beauty and significance. If one of them inspires you as the perfect design for a tattoo, you can be assured you have chosen something very special.

Here are some other Symbol Tattoos For Women that have grown in popularity over the years.

Infinity Symbol

The infinity symbol is depicted as a sideways numeral 8. It means “without limit” or “without end”. Although traditionally a mathematical symbol, the infinity sign has been reclaimed by romantics to signify love without end, constantly recurring. This is best illustrated in the picture below of a married couple who each have the infinity symbol on the same place on their hands.

Triquetra Symbol

The three interlocking triangles of the triquetra (sometimes drawn with a circle in the center) are symbolic of the unity of soul, heart and mind. Triquetra, in Latin, means “three cornered”. The number 3 has long been a sacred and powerful number, i.e. the Holy Trinity in Christianity (the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit). It is commonly used today in the Pagan religion and Celtic art.

Yin and Yang Symbol

The yin and yang is an ancient Chinese symbol used to illustrate the balance of nature. Many dualities exist in nature–hot and cold, up and down, fire and water, rain and sun–and although seemingly opposite and contradictory, these forces actually work in tandem. We could not have one without the other. Light cannot exist without first experiencing darkness, and humans could not recognize what is good unless they have known what is bad. Although classically a black and white symbol, the yin and yang has many artistic interpretations and can be drawn in a million different and unique ways.

“Yang is the initiating impulse, which divides and delineates; yin is the responsive impulse, which nurtures and reunites. Without yang nothing would come into being; without yin all that comes into being would die.”

Ankh (ankh cross) Symbol

The Ankh symbol, sometimes called an Ankh Cross, is an ancient Egyptian hieroglyph that meant “eternal life” or “the symbol of life”. The ankh is often depicted in Egyptian tomb paintings. It appears at the fingertips of a god or goddess in pictures of deities of the afterlife, leaving some scholars to theorize that the ankh could also be symbolic of conception. The ankh is frequently seen with two other hieroglyphs: djed (meaning stability) and was (meaning strength).

Mobius Strip Symbol

Take a strip of paper, twist it in half, then glue the ends together and you’ve got a Mobius Strip. Per Wikipedia’s explanation in layman’s terms, “If an ant were to crawl along the length of this strip, it would return to its starting point having traversed the entire length of the strip (on both sides of the original paper) without ever crossing an edge.” The film “Inception”, starring Ellen Page and Leonardo DiCaprio, is an excellent example of a mobius strip. Not only do the characters employ the use of mobius strips when creating the buildings in their dreamworld, but the dreamworld itself is one big mobius strip. It is, essentially, an optical illusion; it may look like something is 2- or 3-dimensional, but there is in fact only one surface with one side.

Kanji Tattoos Symbol

Literacy began in Japan in the 4th century AD, when they borrowed pictograms from the Chinese and the Koreans, a system of characters called ‘hanzi’. The Japanese called them kanji, meaning ‘han characters’, and they survive to this day as part of the Japanese writing system.

Celtic Knot Tattoos Symbol

Celtic knot designs while at first and foremost decorative on the surface, are at their roots very culturally significant and deeply symbolic.

Sun Designs & Symbols

The Sun as a tattoo design is a reflection of the Sun’s profound symbolic nature in most cultures around the world. As a tattoo design and symbol, a Sun represents fertility, vitality, passion, courage and eternally renewed youth, light and knowledge. The Sun was a symbol of both royal and divine powers, adopted by both secular and religious authorities. The sun as a tattoo is very popular with both men and women.

Kanji Tattoo Symbols

Kanji tattoos account for nearly 20% of all Internet tattoo design searches. The idea of expressing a soulful feeling with such an exotic symbol is highly attractive. And the pitfalls are legend. For starters, kanji is not a traditional Japanese tattoo. It’s virtually unknown in Japan. But it’s a tattoo style that has become popular among Westerners who believe that kanji identifies them with an Eastern philosophy based on geishas and cherry blossoms.

Haida Tattoo Symbols

The Haida are renowned around the world for the beauty and complexity of their art and images. The bold lines of the Haida designs make them uniquely suited to be reproduced as tattoos. The Haida originally used tattoos to depict family Clan Crests. Haida crests chronicled important mythological events in the family or clan’s history – usually when an ancestor encountered a spiritual being in a supernatural context. The Haida were once one of the most heavily tattooed indigenous people in the world, and were one of very few groups in recorded history to tattoo in colour, using red as well as black.

Maori Tattoo Symbols

The distinctive school of Maori designs is the clear tribal favorite of enthusiasts interested in tribal tattoo designs. Maori tattooing is distinguished by the use of bold lines and the repetition of specific design motifs that are prominent both in the tattooing or “moko” of the Maori people of New Zealand and within other cultural artworks suck as carving and weaving. Original Maori tattoos – Ta Moko – were specific to an individual and contained extensive personal and family history in the designs.

Heart Symbols

Heart Tattoos – a classic tattoo design standard. The heart tattoo, shaped like an inverted triangle, and meant to symbolize the pubic triangle, is a universal symbol of the feminine, often used as an expression of romantic love.

Heart tattoos have been popular for well over a century. Heart tattoos with banners were very popular with Servicemen in WWII; tokens of their loved ones that accompanied them on perilous journeys to far-off theatres of conflict and a constant reminder of what they were fighting for.

Add “Mom” to a heart and you have a tattoo icon. The heart is the eternal symbol of love, romance, and the very life force within all of human kind. Getting to the “heart of the matter” suggests that the heart rules the source of truth and love. When one is unfair in a particularly insensitive manner, the person and the act are described as “heartless”. Friendship, courage, romantic bonds, and emotional expression are also embodied in this symbol.

Zodiac Symbols

Mankind has been fascinated by the zodiac for millennia, since we first connected the dots between stars and named the constellations. Searches for Zodiac symbols encompasses both the West and the East, with people searching for Zodiac symbols that represent both the classic Greek / Roman Zodiac and the Chinese Zodiac.