Symbol Tattoos For Men

Symbol Tattoos For Men Symbol Tattoos For Men

Symbol Tattoos For Men could be anything from Asian characters and lettering to symbols of the zodiac or even a dollar sign. Symbol tattoos are a great way to portray a message or idea without being direct. Symbol tattoos provide a great excuse to share a story or talk about the meaning of your tattoo because people will ask about a symbol they don’t know the meaning behind.

Many languages use symbols rather than an alphabet, which make great tattoos. Chinese and Japanese symbol tattoos are very common tattoo designs. Many people get Kanji tattoos that have specific meanings, like an honor or a strength symbol tattoo. Sometimes people may opt for religious or spiritual tattoos with Buddhist or Hindu symbols, like the ohm or om symbol. Some symbol tattoo ideas may go back very far in history and have ancient origins.

Some other common symbols are seen in many cultures around the world, like the infinity symbol, peace signs and symbols for money. Zodiac symbols are also very common with interesting designs depending on what astrological sign you were born under.

Symbol Tattoos For Men – Meanings


A universal symbol representing spiritual sight, inner vision, higher knowledge, insight into occult mysteries.
EYE in top Triangle of the PYRAMID
Masonic symbol for the all-seeing eye of god – an mystical distortion of the omniscient (all-knowing) Biblical God. You can find it on the $1 bill. See triangle, Eye of Horus, the Franklin Institute website, and the symbol for the U.S. government’s new Total Information Awareness (TIA) System).


This simple 17th century “sign” illustrates the blending of geometric shapes, elemental symbols and astrological signs. Each part representing the various “elements” and forces needed for magical work in the quest for physical transformation and spiritual illumination and immortality. Many medieval alchemists based their philosophies on mystical traditions rooted in the Kabbala (Jewish mysticism), Hermetic magic and the occult practices of ancient civilizations such as Egypt and China. See Philosopher’s stone and phoenix. Compare it with the next symbol.


This compound “magical-alchemical symbol” replaces the above triangle with a hexagram and adds more shapes within the magical circle: a cross [in this context it become an occult counterfeit) and an additional circle with the Hindu “Bindu” (dot in the center) at the bottom of the hexagram.


A magic charm (such as this little Navajo bear earring), worn to bring good luck and protection against illness, accidents and evil forces.


Popular among school aged children today, this symbol for anarchy fits the message that pervades the most popular video games, role-playing games, movies and television. The lines of the “A” often extend outside the circle. To many satanists and other fast-growing occult groups it represents their slogan, “do what thou wilt.” A former occultist explained that it represents the ASMODEAS: a demonic force driving teenagers toward sexual perversion and suicide.


An Egyptian cross symbolizing a mythical eternal life, rebirth, and the life-giving power of the sun.


Symbol of good and evil spirits in religions around the world. This picture shows a Tibetan guardian angel. For a comparison between Biblical angels and occult angels read Chapter 8 in A Twist of Faith.


These two pictures shows the astrological sign for the archer (Sagittarius) — part of the zodiac. But, through history, the arrow has also symbolized war, power, swiftness, the rays of the sun, knowledge… as well as deities such as the Greek god Apollo and goddess Artemis (both hunters), the Hindu weather god, Rudra; and various gods of sexual attraction: Eros (Greek), Cupid (Roman), Kama (Hindu)…. On ancient Roman coins, it represented the Zoroastrian god, Mithra. The native American Cheyenne warriors revered the “sacred medicine arrows” as symbols of male power. Arrows held by skeletons would point to disease or death. Today, they usually just point in the preferred direction.

Crystal (Gazing) BALL

Used for divination (fortunetelling, scrying, clairvoyance…). When the heavy crystal balls were too expensive, witches often used glass-ball fishing floats, colored glass balls, or magic mirrors.


A symbol of good fortune in the East, it represented demons and spirits in medieval Europe.


A five-pointed compound symbol with a center triangle pointing down. The five lines resemble the microcosmic man with arms and legs outstretched inside a circle (with a pentagram in the background)– a magic symbol or charm among medieval alchemists and wizards.


Reminds Christians of the amazing transformation that takes place through Christ’s redemption and regeneration. When “born again,” we become “a new creation.” (2 Cor. 5:17) To many pagans, its mythical meaning is linked to the soul (of the deceased) in search of reincarnation. See the new, politically correct meaning at Butterfly 208: “There’s a theory that says if a single butterfly flaps its wings in, say, China, the air disturbance may cause a storm in Nunavut, Canada a month later. If that’s the case, imagine the power of your own ideas and others to help improve the quality of life in the world’s 208 countries! The Butterfly 208 contest is a chance for you to create your own Butterfly effect! 208 = Number of Countries in the World Butterfly + 208 = A totally interconnected world! A world where even small actions can have a big effect.”

Sacred BULL(Egyptian idol)

These ancient Egyptian idols — once worshipped as manifestations of gods — are being revived. We have deleted a smaller (commercial) bull with horns resemble a crescent moon supporting the divine sun disc. Some suggest that this combination — like the Chinese yin yang — may symbolize a mythical duality: a union of opposites such as light/dark, sun/moon, life/death, and male/female.
God told His people long ago, “Do not defile yourselves with the idols of Egypt.” But they ignored His warning and faced devastating consequences for refusing to “cast away the abominations which were before their eyes.” (Ez. 20:7-8).


(The Staff of Hermes): An ancient symbol dating back to the Greek messenger god Hermes (the Romans called him Mercury). “In Indian philosophy and medicine the Caduceus is intimately associated with the system of energy centers called Chakras….The 2 serpents coiling around the staff [represent positive and negative forces like] the Yang and Yin of Chinese Medicine.The crossing over of the 2 serpents creates 5 energy fields in the body.


Apparently a self-made form of occultism taught through role-playing games such as Warhammer. According to one WH fan, “Chaos is the opposite of order. Since everything changes, there is no right or no wrong — only the quest for pleasure. The 8-pointed star represents the many different directions of chaos and the many ways you can follow it. We worship deamons and angels…” Another comment: “They got it from Elric of Melnibone. In it, the force of Chaos had as its symbol an eight-pointed double-cross (symbols within symbols) with points representing the noncommittal and omnidirectional behavior of Chaos.

CIRCLE (sun disc, sacred hoop, ring)

An ancient and universal symbol of unity, wholeness, infinity, the goddess, female power, and the sun. To earth-centered religions throughout history as well as to many contemporary pagans, it represents the feminine spirit or force, the cosmos or a spiritualized Mother Earth, and a sacred space.

CIRCUMPUNCT – CIRCLE with DOT (BINDU) in the center

It represents the sun and a sun god (called Ra in Egypt), gold (as in alchemy), an (unbiblical) archangel (Kabbalah), emotional restraint (Freemasons), and the creative spark of divine consciousness within people linking everyone to the creative mind of a universal “god” thus making each persona “co-creator” (astrology). In the complex symbolic system of Hinduism and Buddhism, the bindu (dot) represents the male force. Together, the circle and the bindu symbolize the spiritual merging of male and female forces.

CIRCLE (Quartered)

The sacred circle filled with a cross, four equal lines pointing from the center to the spirits of the north, east, south, and west — or to the basic element: earth, water, air (or wind), and fire. In Native American traditions, it forms the basic pattern of the MEDICINE WHEEL and plays a vital part in major spiritual rituals. Many contemporary pagans consider it their main symbol for transmitting the energy of the goddess.


The Masonic symbol of the compass and the T-square represents movement toward perfection and a balance between the spiritual and physical which resembles Egyptian and oriental mysticism. The compass (used to form circles) represent spirit. The ruler (part of a square) represent the physical. Some public schools pass out pencil cases and other gifts decorated with this emblem.


It symbolized the sky goddess Hathor to Egyptians, enlightenment to Buddhists, one of the highest and holiest stages of transmigration (reincarnation) to Hindus.


A symbol of the aging goddess (crone) to contemporary witches and victory over death to many Muslims. In Islamic lands, crescent can be seen enclosing a lone pentagram.

The CROSS of Christians

While anyone–even pagans–now use the cross as decoration or as an occult symbol, Christians must continue to treasure the cross of Calvary. But be careful what kind of cross you wear – and what message you communicate to others. To understand the Christian significance of the cross and appreciate its excruciating cost to our crucified and resurrected Christ.
Inverted cross:
Originally represented the apostle Peter’s humility in his martyrdom. He insisted that he be crucified upside-down, because he felt that he was unworthy to die in the same position as Christ. But today, especially in the rock music culture, it generally represents the opposite: satanism and its mockery of Christ. Lucifer continues to twist God’s wonderful truths and works into lies and deceptions.

Symbol Tattoos For Men – History

Egyptian Hieroglyphs

Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs

If you really want to go on a historical expedition, start digging here. This online Egyptology lesson is only for the very serious. This complicated but beautiful form of ancient writing will help you to understand much more than symbolism.

Celtic Symbolism

Celtic Symbols & Their Meanings

Discover the deeper symbolism behind popular Celtic knots and designs such as the Triquetra, the horse, and the Claddagh.

Animal Symbolism in Celtic Mythology

Even more detailed information on how each animal represents different aspects of Celtic and Welsh religious beliefs.

Adinkra/West African Symbols

Adinkra Symbology

About’s guide to African History, Alistair Boddy-Evans, describes Adinkra as “a cotton cloth produced in Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire which has traditional Akan symbols stamped upon it.” However, as he points out, they are much more than pictures. Discover what these simple yet beautiful designs mean to the people that use them.

Native American/Indian/Aboriginal/Tribal

Native American Symbol Dictionary
Here is a very nice collection of basic drawings used by ancient Native Americans. These items are commonly found on pottery, in jewelry and on clothing.

Sacred Symbols & Their Meanings

This page is extremely informative and covers many aspects of tribal beliefs. Here you will find symbols and meanings of the Great Circle of Life, the representation of the ritual pipe, the significance of plants, animals, people and trees and much more. A really excellent resource.

Sacred Stones

These stones are not ancient, they are not part of any sacred ritual, and they’ve only been around for a few years and were created by one individual with a vision. However, it is interesting and it might inspire you with ideas if you are looking for something to symbolize a oneness with nature.

Nautical History

Pirate Flags
Even pirates are part of our history! Pirate symbols still inspire many a tattoo today. The “Jolly Roger” is the most famous, but there were other symbols also used to deceive or threaten their victims.
Family Crest & Coat of Arms Symbols

Common Symbols List
No pictures, but the names of the symbols are given along with their meanings. See how a coat of arms can tell the story of family history.

Symbol Tattoos For Men – Ideas

When it comes to popular tattoo symbols for men, there are a wide variety of them available. Finding the perfect tattoo to represent yourself and your personality can be a difficult process for one to take on. It is very important to remember to take your time and make sure you make the correct choice the first time around. This is why doing your own research is very important. You want to make sure that you fully understand what each tattoo represents and means. In this article, we will discuss five of the most popular tattoos available to men. They include skull tattoos, tribal tattoos, Celtic tattoos, dragon tattoos, and koi tattoos. You will be able to learn about these popular tattoos, learn their rich symbolic meanings, and you will have a chance to view a large variety of tattoo designs. Hopefully, you will be able to gain some great ideas and inspiration for your next tattoo.

Men can get tattooed nearly anywhere on the body, but certain locations are more popular then others. The upper arm, forearm, shoulder, upper back, and legs are the most common locations where men choose to get inked. Men can also get tattooed on the chest, elbows, neck, upper stomach, and the hands.