Symbol Tattoos

Symbol TattoosSymbol Tattoos

Symbol tattoos are used by the people to display their beliefs and ‘zodiac signs’ are the most popular symbol tattoos. Tribal tattoos are also used by a number of people to show there respect for their native culture. Symbol tattoos aren’t usually very complex images but they can be made fairly complex by stretching one’s imagination. Symbol tattoos can also be used to reflect something about a person’s interests and other information.

Symbol tattoos are tattoos that represent something beyond just the image itself. They can be a letter icon that represents a word or organization, but most commonly they are images depicted from a culture that has a word or translated meaning beyond the outer design.

Examples of Symbols Tattoos are:

Chinese Symbol Tattoos

Chinese symbol tattoos are full of deep meanings and motivational messages. They are not only famous in China but people from other countries also like to sport them. Their elegance and charm is favored worldwide. The Chinese language is replete with age-old knowledge of its rich civilization and the symbol tattoos reflect those very gems in the form of a modern art work. Here are 35 Chinese symbol tattoo designs with different meanings and symbols. Have a look at them. You will enjoy taking dips in the sea of Chinese symbol tattoos based on its rich history and folklore.

Infinity Symbol Tattoos

infinity symbol is also sometimes depicted as a special variation of the ancient ouroboros snake symbol. The snake is twisted into the horizontal eight configuration while engaged in eating its own tail, a uniquely suitable symbol for endlessness.

Japanese Symbol Tattoos

Japanese Symbol of On

On is something the West doesn’t have, debt of gratitude. That is why they have such strong family ties. The children are forever indebted to their parents for giving them life and sacrificing their time all to raise them. It is also the reason they essentially make it their obligation to help or be there for someone who has saved their life.

Japanese Symbol of Giri

Giri is the value of doing things that benefits the society. The good they do to others, they believe, will come back to them.

Japanese Symbol of Ninjo

Ninjo refers to their deepest desires and emotions. If it conflicts with Giri, one should supress it. In case the person supress it, then they commit suicide.

Peace Symbol Tattoos

Peace is a message we can’t get enough of – on flags, in art, or on your skin as a powerful tattoo message. Take your pick – the dove, the olive branch, the paper crane, the ‘V’ sign, or the most familiar peace sign of all – the inverted broken cross in a circle. (If there’s a name for it, we haven’t heard it.) It defined the peace movement in the 60s. Actually, it was created especially for Britain’s nuclear disarmament movement in the 1950’s. Since then, it’s become the international anti-war movement emblem.

Egyptian Symbol Tattoos

Egyptian Symbol Tattoos have risen in popularity over the past few years due to their ornate details and symbolic meaning. Although many people are aware of hieroglyphs, Egyptian symbol tattoos also incorporate Egyptian gods, goddesses or other spiritually important symbols.

Religious Symbol Tattoos

Religion plays a very integral part in many people’s lives and it is only natural to want to create a lasting symbol of your devotion in the form of a tattoo. As tattoos have become more mainstream and less taboo, there are many more religious tattoos being created. Depending on which religion you belong to, the symbolism and therefor the tattoo images, are different. However, within most Christian religions, there are some common icons that are used in most of the religious tattoos, including the cross, the virgin Mary, angels, and the image of Jesus’ face.

The Symbol Tattoos

The Symbol tattoos are very popular because they can make a statement of representation and are a very expressive way of showing your personality or association with a particular affiliation and/or bond with a specific culture. The most popular symbol tattoos are of astrological signs and Chinese lettering; however there are literally thousands for different symbols that represent anything imaginable.