Sun Tattoos For Women

Sun Tattoos For Women Sun Tattoos For Women

The Sun is a celestial body that commands everything around it. Big and bold it is the focus of the cosmos. Brazen and bright colors are usually adorning this design.

The sun is one of the most popular tattoo designs, demanded by both men and women because of various meanings it conveys. Depending upon the tattoo style that you are opting for, you can tweak your sun symbol in any way you want to reflect your personality. Sun tattoo can be etched in colors like yellow, orange and even red. Black sun with tribal style is also making raves these days. However, some black tattoo designs are controversial as they resemble the Nazi emblem, Wewelsburg Sun.

Sun Tattoos For Women – Meanings

The sun, our primary source of life, has always been awe-inspiring. There are many reasons why a sun tattoo might be personally meaningful. The sun has had a religious and symbolic significance in many ancient cultures. Honoring the sun as a giver of life is an ancient and universal impulse, and may explain some of the popularity of sun tattoos.

Tattoo meanings are highly personal, but sun tattoos generally stand for:

  • Strength
  • Growth
  • Fertility
  • Vitality
  • Endurance
  • Passion
  • Rebirth
  • Transformation

The life giver. The first meaning everyone thinks of about the sun. The sun tattoo stands for anger, strength, power, pride, truth, dignity, leadership, force and creativity. The sun tattoo also represents fertility, vitality, passion, courage, unending youth, masculinity and knowledge. It’s usage in many mythological stories has provided so many versatile meanings for sun.

Sun Tattoos For Women – History

The sun has always been represented in many mythologies, as a sort of god or deity. This could be one reason why even a long time, people prefer to use Sunday and designs of tattoos. Using the sun as a tattoo does not mean worshiping the sun as their god. These days, sporting a tattoo of a design or just an expression of fashion sense than one. Some tattoos or symbols used as brands belonging to a closely knit group.

Sun tattoos for women is symbolizes a male even as the moon is its female partner. It comes as no surprise to find a tattoo design where the sun unites with the moon signifying male and female balance. Sometimes the earth takes the place of the moon.
In the ancient times the sun was considered the heart of the universe and therefore symbolized supremacy and power. In some pagan religions, the sun is endowed with divinity and a symbol of authority and even of wealth and prosperity. In the modern times, the sun tattoo design for women is considered as a symbol of hope and a brighter tomorrow since it never fails to rise every morning, or a symbol of fertility maybe because of its role in making plants thrive and grow. Women, most especially, endow the sun with emotional symbolism such as a symbol of resilience, cycle of life and strength.

The sun has a very rich history in folklore and in early religion. Nearly ever religion worshiped some type of “Sun God” or at least a god that was responsible for the power that was provided by the sun. This is quite intriguing, because many early civilizations did not have any idea what the sun was truly responsible for, and that is nearly all of the life on Earth. Yes, some life does survive in the depths of the ocean, but even that life is only sustaining thanks to some type of heat or other energy source. There are many different things that the sun can symbolize. Some of the common themes that are associated with the sun include, heat, light, life, and the center of the attention. If you are interested in getting a sun tattoo, but are unsure about some of the symbolization that is associated with sun tattoos, you may want to consider the following;


The sun is almost solely responsible for life on Earth. Many people choose to tattoo the sun on themselves to symbolize exactly how powerful the sun is, and exactly what the sun is capable for. The truth of the matter is that the only reason humans are able to survive here is because we are just about the right distance from the sun. Any closer, or any farther from the sun and the variables would not be right for life on earth. The sun has been used to represent life for a long time. In most cultures, the “Sun God” of that culture was often considered to be the main god, and was the god that all of the followers of that religion prayed to.


The sun, for obvious reasons, can represent warmth. The sun provides us with enough warmth to make it through the day, and is the source of heat for the entire planet. Now, this warmth can be literal or metaphorical. This is because without the warmth from the sun, we would not even be here.


The sun is also commonly represented as change. This is because the sun rises, goes across the sky, and then sets. The sun is constantly in motion and is always changing its location in our skies. This has causes many people to feel that the sun is representative of change.


Since the sun is the center of our planetary system, many people have said that the sun represents being the center of attention. This portrayal can be either positive or negative depending on how it is used and is completely up to the individual who tattoos the sun onto themselves in the first place.

Sun Tattoos For Women – Ideas

Sun Tattoos have visual appeal and excellent form when used on the skin. The most creative tattoo artists can reach great variations of the basic image of the sun using lines and colors and styles. There are several symbols for a tattoo Sun One is that means anger or force. Others use the sun as a symbol of power, truth, dignity, great strength, leadership, and strength? End creativity. There are many ways too -. Celtic, the eye of Horus, the sun and the moon and stars, tribal sun, or Aztec is important to choose the design or just the sun that best suits your personality. This is true for any design or tattoo. Be proud to wear the tattoo on his arm, legs, chest, lower back, ankles or shoulders.

A sun tattoo can be drawn in any part of a woman’s body. Since it is easy to diminish its size, a sun tattoo design for women can be inked in the ankles, the nape, the wrist, the shoulders, the arms and even in the lower back. But the sexiest location for a sun tattoo is a woman’s navel. It will look great as a standalone but would blend beautifully also with other designs.

There are many different areas of the body that would make an excellent place for sun tattoo design. Of course, this all depends on how large and intricate the tattoo will be and whether or not there will be other tattoos surrounding the tattoo of the sun. Some of the more common areas used for a sun tattoo include the shoulder, leg, chest and back.