Sun Tattoos For Men

Sun Tattoos For MenSun Tattoos For Men

The sun is the most important single thing in our solar system. Without this star, life on Earth would cease to exist, as the sun provides the light that is required to both heat our planet and nourish its resident plants and animals. The sun is the largest item in the solar system, and is responsible for 99.8 percent of the mass in the system. Temperatures on the surface of the sun reach around 5,800 kelvin, and internally, they reach an unimaginable 15.6 million kelvin. It is thought that our sun has been in existence for about 4.5 billion years, and that it should remain in its current state for another 5 billion. After that, it will morph into a red dwarf and no longer be able to sustain life on Earth.

Sun Tattoos are very dramatic. They can look amazing on all tones of skin and in most places on the body. They also look good on both men and women. There are all kinds of designs when it comes to the sun. There are Aztec, Celtic, Modern, Tribal and Polynesian sun design tattoos. Each has it’s own distinct look and design.

The rich mythology surrounding the sun means there is a wealth of different tattoo styles that can be found depicting its image. Many choose to get the sun and moon depicted together, as they are complimentary and, in some cultures, symbolize male and female power. Others choose the blocky, tribal style of Aztec suns. The sun can also be a symbol of rebirth, so some people choose to combine it with other imagery such as Celtic knots and stars. The light and dark, good and evil symbolism are also a reason that people are so drawn to these tats.

Sun Tattoos For Men – Meanings

The sun has the ability to light up the darkest of places. In total darkness, the sun is able to shine light so one is able to clearly see. Both of these can reference the truth and light meaning. It can reference someone that has shined light into your life or someone that you shined light upon. Maybe, there has been someone that changed your life for the better or gave you a new beginning.

  • Fertility
  • Power
  • Truth
  • Leadership
  • Authority
  • Force
  • Light
  • Energy
  • Vigor
  • Creation
  • Life
  • Rebirth
  • Immortality
  • Knowledge
  • Harvest
  • Strength

Sun tattoos can be seen on men. They are primarily used for their appearance rather than their meaning. Tattoo wearers often choose the sun to be apart of their design because there is not much you can’t do with it. The sun can feature in a large back tattoo design or be small enough to appear on your wrist, wherever the sun tattoo is placed it always looks good.

Sun tattoo meanings are as unique as the people that choose this symbol for their tattoo. For some, the meaning of a this tattoo is as simple as that they love the basic meaning of the sun itself. It represents light, good health and a vibrant planet, and warm locations. For some, the meaning can extend to these larger abstract concepts or just mean that they are sun worshippers that thrive in the heat and light of the sun and love hot or tropical locations.

More generally, sun tattoo meanings are rooted in the concept of hope and looking forward versus back or thinking grim thoughts. As the ultimate symbol of both light and hope, these tattoo meanings are often closely related to the wearer’s sense that bright times are ahead or a sense of relentless optimism. Many people have highly personalized tattoo meanings for these designs in many various forms.

Sun Tattoos For Men – History

These ancient cultures felt that the sun was sacred. A large portion of these ancient civilizations even worshipped the sun. When we look at these ancient cultures, we find that no other culture represented the sun as much as the Egyptians. In ancient Egypt, the Egyptians worshipped the Sun god “Ra”. The sun was a sacred symbol for the Egyptians. You can find the sun on Egyptian weapons, pottery, clothing, armor, and ancient structures. The Egyptians were not the only ancient civilization that thought highly of the sun. The Native Americans believed that the sun had the ability to heal. In Christianity, the sun symbolizes life, power, strength, force, and rebirth. It is also said to symbolize Christ and all his attributes. The Romans and Greeks also used the sun as a sacred symbol and worshipped the sun.

In Europe the Norse, Greek, Roman and Celtic cultures each worshipped the sun in their own way. The Norse worshipped Freyr, the god of both the sun and the rain, and the patron of bountiful harvests. A peaceful god, he was also a brave warrior, and a ruler over the elves. The Greeks and Romans both worshipped Helios, a son of titans. He was not only the god of the son, but the brother of both the dawn (Eos) and the moon (Selene). Not surprisingly, his sacred animal was the rooster. He fulfilled his job as sun god by causing the sun to rise and rest with his golden, 4-horse chariot. The Celts worshipped Lugh, whos name translates to shining one, and is the Celtic sun (and most supreme) god. In life, he faced many hardships, his life sought by his underworld ruling grandfather Balor because of a prophecy which said Balor would die at his grandsons hands. Balor flung him from a high tower just after his birth. The world had thought him dead, but he had secretly been saved by Manannan, the god of the sea.

Sun Tattoos For Men – Ideas

The sun tattoo is one of the favourite tattoo designs amongst the youth of today. It can be seen in a traditional old fashioned way or can be spun into a more modern design. The sun tattoo is very popular due to its versatility. It can be seen on the sleeve, wrist, back, leg, ankle and even rarer places like the neck.

One of the more favored areas to position a sun tattoo for men is on the small of their back, contrary to men, who prefer to put them on their upper arms or shoulders.

Even though tribal sun tattoos are mostly worn by men, women who do not shy away from having on tribal sun tattoo designs. Women get to wear these tattoos on their belly button, hips, ankles or their lower back. Whereas men, choose to have big sun tattoos on their back. These tattoos can also be produced on the arm, leg, chest, shoulders also. The size of the tattoos on women is also short as compared to that of men.