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Sun and moon may be one of your ways to remind yourself to balance extremes of your emotions. It is a symbol of balance, which is quite similar in significance to that of yin and yang. Sun and moon tattoos also imply unity in diversity and sometimes sexual and spiritual union of man and woman.

Sun tattoos are loved because Sun is God for many. The star around which the earth orbits. The sun is the central body of the solar system.

Sun tattoos have remained popular design selections for a number of decades. These designs work well in a number of different tattoo styles: old school, new school, Celtic, tribal, and oriental to name a few.

Sun Tattoos – History

The sun has a very rich history in folklore and in early religion. Nearly ever religion worshiped some type of “Sun God” or at least a god that was responsible for the power that was provided by the sun. This is quite intriguing, because many early civilizations did not have any idea what the sun was truly responsible for, and that is nearly all of the life on Earth. Yes, some life does survive in the depths of the ocean, but even that life is only sustaining thanks to some type of heat or other energy source. There are many different things that the sun can symbolize. Some of the common themes that are associated with the sun include, heat, light, life, and the center of the attention.

Sun Tattoos – Meaning

The sun is a timeless choice for tattoo as you can have a traditional as well as a modern design depicting the sun. Nowadays, you have myriad option of colors, patterns and designs to choose from. On the other hand, you can either go for tribal tattoos or Celtic tattoos, depending on your preference. Although you can have the sun tattoo on any part of your body, like the arm, shoulder, chest, back, legs, etc.; the one on the belly button look really hot.

We find the references of the sun in all popular myths and folklore in nearly all the parts of the world. The sun was considered (is still considered) very sacred and was worshiped in nearly all parts of the ancient world. The role and the symbolism of the sun is different in different cultures. Therefore, the reason behind having a sun tattoo depends on the person’s belief, culture, outlook and also varies accordingly.


The sun tattoo symbolizes all the qualities, characteristics and energies associated with the sun. One should know that the symbolism completely depends on the pattern or the way the tattoo has been made. These tattoos can be simple, monochromatic, or can even be complex and multicolored. The following are some popular meanings of sun tattoos.

It stands for truth and light.
As it was earlier believed that the sun was responsible for birth and harvest; it also symbolizes fertility.
It represents vitality, vigor, power, force and leadership.
These tattoos symbolize dignity, courage, creativity, knowledge and self hood.
It represents re-birth or reincarnation. As the sun sets and rises everyday, it strongly symbolizes immortality.
The tribal sun tattoo design with a face of a human being inside the sun is believed to provide protection from dangerous or negative aspects of life.
Although the sun is considered a masculine figure, tattoos for women can be made with the design of the sun along with the moon or stars to make it more delicate, or to represent feminine features.
The design of the Celtic sun symbolizes fertility, healing and source of life. Hence, sun tattoos are used to depict the energizing and healing powers of a person.
The pairing of the sun and the moon tattoo is also considered as the sexual and spiritual union of a male and a female.
Common tattoo designs for men are the designs of an evil, angry or a flaming sun, symbolizing anger and fire associated with the sun.
Sometimes, people draw the sun tattoo to depict passion for anyone or anything in their life..

Types of Sun Tattoos

Sun and moon tattoos
– Sun and moon tattoos can have many different symbolic meanings that are personal to you. However there are some commonly accepted meanings, as well. Some of these universally shared meanings for sun and moon tattoos are the merging of opposites, unity in diversity and cooperation rather than controversy. In some religions the sun and moon tattoos represent life, strength, power, energy and rebirth. Sun and moon tattoos are often seen on the body side by side in a circle design with one half the sun, and the other the moon. This tattoo design will give you plenty of opps to add more detail for that personal touch.

Rising Sun Tattoos
– Rising sun tattoos can mean a new beginning or new life. The rising sun is usually seen as a masculine symbol with both majestic and divine powers. Some other popular meanings for wearing the rising sun tattoos are vitality, knowledge, courage and energy. The Japanese rising sun tattoo has and still been very popular due to its cultural history, and great looks. Many people use this tattoo now days to show their love of sport of automobile drifting that is very popular in Japan and the United States Martial art fans have used the rising sun tattoos for many years also.

Sun Devil Tattoos
– Sun devil tattoos are popular with college sports fans. Sparky is the mascot for Arizona State University. For you Disney fans, Sparky the Sun Devil is a Disney character with face features of Walt himself to illustrate the devilish fun side he had. Sun devils are also a weather phenomenon that we know as a whirlwind; it’s like a dust devil without the dust. This design can be tweaked to fit that sun devil in you.

Sun Fish Tattoos
– Sun fish tattoos show images of a very mysterious ocean fish. These fish are referred to as the mola witch in Latin and the definition refers to their roundish shape. The Mola has an odd habit of floating on the surface of the ocean for long periods of time appearing to be sunbathing; hence, the name sun fish. These are odd shaped fish with their body twice as wide fin tip to fin tip as they are long. The sun fish tattoo design is most often seen on the human body in a side view and look great in a tribal art design.

Tribal sun tattoos
– Tribal sun tattoos, in the recent past have made a huge comeback. The tribal sun patterns give meanings like a new life, strength and power. With their bold flames or barb wire design patterns coming out of a dark circle, it looks like it is slowly spinning and moving. There are tons of tribal sun tattoos for you to choose from. Picking the right one and adding to the design will give the tattoo that special look and meaning you are looking for.

Cloud and Sun Tattoos
– Cloud and sun tattoos are a fascinating topic. For some Japanese both the sun and the clouds hold extremely significant meaning and importance. However, for the music lovers, “Black” by the popular alternative rock band Pearl Jam reference Clouds and Sun. It’s apparent when studying cloud and sun tattoos that some people wear this body art as a tribute to Pearl Jam or the song, or the genre. It could be the lyrics mentioned being all tattooed. It could also be that they relate to the lyrics and the desire and pain of a lost love. All in all a very cool choice in cloud and sun tattoos.

Three Star and Sun Tattoos
– Three star and sun tattoos are significant to the wearer. The three star tattoos itself is a mysterious tattoo that has been adopted by many subcultures; some negative, some positive and some just like it because they’ve seen it in movies. Many people like the multiple use of starts. It can represent just about anything you want; from spiritual to counting important events in your life. Adding the sun to this tattoo, if meaning is important implies life giving to whatever your stars mean.

“In ancient times, people knew that they could not live without this magnificent creation, the Sun, yet they didn’t know why. Since then, the sun has been worshipped as a God. The sun god was called Ra in Egypt, Helios is Greece, Marduk by the Babylonians, and Utu by the Sumerians. The Aztecs fed human sacrifices to this bloodthirsty god, Huitzilopochtli. The Incas believed that their king was a descendant of the sun. All of these cultures worshipped the sun.”

The Sun is a timeless tattoo design which is available in lots of different variations. Sun Tattoo Designs can be inked to any part of your body and in an endless variation of styles and colors.

The sun was a God in many old civilizations, people decorated their body with a sun tattoo as an homage to their god. Nowadays having a sun tattooed to your body doesn’t have to mean you are a sun-worshiper (although it can mean that). Most of the people with a sun tattoo just have it because of it’s beauty instead of the meaning of the sun as a symbol.

The Sun Tattoos

The Sun Tattoos are probably very popular because the sun is an icon. All cultures place some significant meaning on the sun; negative or positive depending on the culture. Without the sun, there would be no life. With too much sun; all life would perish. Taking the aforementioned and applying it, you can see how the sun could take on many meanings and be held responsible for both good and bad events historically. The love of the sun runs deep. For instance sun bathers, still bath in its glorious rays, even though we’ve all been warned of the hazards. The sun is simply irresistible and that applies to sun tattoos as well.

Have been a great part of the primitive cultures and different cultures worldwide yet it also has become increasingly popular among different generations these days. Theses are common designs that many people consider when getting a tattoo. This is not surprising though because the sun symbolizes many things like power, strength and even deity.
Tribal tattoos of sun vary in style and representation. One factor is diversity of its importance and symbolism to tribes and cultures. They were used by Celts to identify different sects while the early Middle Eastern people revere the sun as an a great and important part of their existence. Some cultures depict the sun as a symbol of supremacy and perpetuity.

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