Sun Tattoo Ideas

Sun Tattoo IdeasSun Tattoo Ideas

Now let is discuss about sun tattoo ideas. The sun is the most precious source of light, growth and warmth. It provides us with clarity after a shadowy night and protection from all the things that lurk in darkness. For these reasons alone, sun tattoos can make a deep impact. But these are not the only reasons a person would choose such a design. The sun, much like its astral brethren, carries a good deal of mythology, symbolism and intrigue with it.

There are a few different designs and styles that are used for sun tattoo ideas. You have to remember, the sun was a global symbol that was used by a large variety of different culture and civilizations. From North American Natives to the Aztecs and from Egypt to the Celts, the sun was a highly regarded symbol by humans. The sun was well represented by different majorities across the world. If you follow certain cultures or if you have an ancient bloodline, you may want to consider the way the culture portrayed the sun. This is only in design, I am not talking about worshipping the sun. Each culture used their own design to symbolize the sun.

The Sun Tattoo Ideas

Sun tattoo ideas are dramatic and varied in design and have lots of amazing colors to choose from. The sun the light and bringer of warmth ant life on this planet is very popular for a tattoo choice. It is usually shown with the fire as points like a star. It is a great tattoo on it’s own however it can also be put with other images to create something unique!

Sun tattoos are a popular choice with both men and women. Even though the sun tattoo and symbol is very symbolic, this tattoo is mostly worn because of the appearance of the tattoo design. Because there is so many different styles and designs of sun tattoos, it makes for some interesting and unique tattoos. The Celtic sun tattoo, the tribal sun tattoo, and the black sun tattoo are just a few of the different designs and styles associated with the sun design.

Popular Sun Tattoo Ideas?

A very popular sun design is the tribal style. Tribal sun tattoos are usually very simple, using minimal colors (most frequently black, reds and occasionally blues), and sharp, clean lines. Although these are most often seen as a simple circle with jagged points jutting from it, there are a few other ways to utilize this style. For instance, you could use something a little softer, creating sun rays that look more like watery waves. You can also include a face or symbol in the body of the sun.

Tribal sun tattoo ideas or designs are also a very popular choice among sun tattoos. The beauty of the tribal style gives you a unique tattoo. This design is popular among the Japanese, Chinese, and the Hindus. The tribal sun tattoo focuses on the partnership of life and the sun. It also represents leadership, strength, light, and creativity.

The Celtic sun tattoo ideas or design is also a popular tattoo choice among men and women. The Celtic sun tattoo represents healing, fertility, and the source of life. In Celtic mythology, the sun was associated with a number of their gods. Through Celtic mythology, this tattoo symbolizes heat and medicine.

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