Star Tattoos For Women

Star Tattoos For Women on feetStar tattoos for women is very common. Basically, when you asked women what tattoo type or tattoo design they want to have, one of the top list they say is the star tattoos for women. Ever since man first gazed inquisitively towards the heavens and looked at the stars,star tattoos have held a mystical and scientific fascination for Mankind.

Star Tattoo’s For Women Meanings

Aside from popularity, star tattoos can represent many different things, depending on the design. For some people, getting a star tattoo signifies for good luck. Star tattoos are becoming an increasingly popular tattoo option amongst 18-25 year old girls and boys when they select designs. Whether as a trendy adornment or substantial symbolization as component of a tribal style, star tattoos in modern western society may be interpreted in many various methods.

Star Tattoo’s For Women History

From the Judiastic six-pointed Star of David, to the Nine pointed Octogram often associated with the Taoist Kanji of psychic ‘centres’ Stars are powerful and readily identifiable religious symbols.Septograms – seven sided Stars are stated to represent the 7 Hindu Chakras and are also related to the seven planets of classical astronomy due to the seven recognized planets in the 1800′s.They have also served a practical purpose in numerous societies throughout the ages. This is where the star tattoos for women started.

Star Tattoo’s For Women Ideas

Some star tattoos for women have different styles and figures according to their placements, some may be:

  • Dragon star tattoo
  • Family star tattoo
  • Stars shadings Tattoo
  • Kheemo’s tattoo
  • Hibiscus leo star tattoo
  • Ribcage Star Tattoo
  • Stars on colar
  • Lower Front star tattoo
  • Lower Back star tattoo
  • and many more…

Here are some images for star tattoos and a video: