Spider Tattoos For Women

Spider Tattoos For Women Spider Tattoos For Women

The complexity and subtlety of spider methodology is not only overwhelming, but also varies greatly between species. Those who identify with spiders may simply be intrigued by them, or they might view an aspect of themselves as dangerous, cunning, and liable to entangle those around them.

Women and spider tattoos represent a venomous personality and are meant to strike fear onto all who gaze upon them. The black widow is the most commonly seen spider on the female canvas and tells observers to beware of this woman’s traits.

Spider tattoos will always be seen on women despite their fearsome scary nature, and arachnids actually contribute to the world in a positive manner and are essential to the checks and balances of life its self.

Spiders stand for an ancient symbol of power, mystery, numerology, astrology, growth, creation, weaving our realities, infinity, balance, past, present and future… It is a sign of good luck.

Spider Tattoos For Women – Meanings

Spider Tattoos For Women are definitely are never worn by those with severe cases of Arachnaphobia. Spider tattoos are symbols that have spanned centuries as key elements in folklore, representing both positive and negative influences.

The one common significant trait of all spiders is their ability to weave a web; it’s a characteristic that is often associated with spider tattoos because of a person’s struggle against the web of their life. While the spider creates it’s own web, we too must weave the web of our own lives without becoming stuck in what we’ve created. Spider tattoos can act as a reminder for the wearer to be mindful of the choices they’re making on a day-to-day basis.

Women have also been known to get a certain kind of spider tattoo known as the Black Widow. This spider uses mates for reproduction before destroying them. Women who’ve attained the Black Widow tattoo are drawing attention to their widow-esque characteristics. They’re seductive, manipulative, playful, mysterious, and lurid; much like a spider with the same traits.

Spider Tattoos For Women – History

Native American storytellers speak of Spider Woman who existed at the dawn of creation before humans arrived. Not surprisingly, she taught the people the art of weaving. Today, the Spider is a symbol of fertility, balance and harmony, and is often personified as
In popular culture, today, the Spider and its web represent a force that’s even more treacherous. You only need to observe it processing innocent victims caught in its web to know that it’s a deadly, blood-sucking carnivore. It’s no surprise that evil, flesh eating Spiders are the life-blood of comic book characters, children’s games, and ghost stories. They spell terror and fatal entrapment, and every one who loves a horror story, loves Spiders.Grandmother, the teacher and protector of wisdom. Spider shows up on prehistoric Native American clay carvings. It’s a stylized Spider with a cross carved on its back, which, according to some archaeologists, symbolizes the centre of the earth and the four cardinal directions – north, south, east and west.

The Navajo and Moche cultures, for instance, saw spiders as creators of worlds (as symbolized by the weaving of their webs). In Greek mythology, Arachne was a human weaver who entered into competition with the goddess Athena and won. Angered by the mortal’s pride, Athena punished Arachne by making her feel extreme guilt. In a bitter twist, Arachne hung herself, and it was Athena who felt remorse; she took pity, bringing her back to life as a spider, allowing her to continue her beloved weaving.

Spider embodies female energy and that’s why girls like spider tattoos. Greek mythology: “The mother of all spiders is Arachnida, a beautiful human girl weaver who caught the roving eye of Apollo. She of course was punished by the Gods for the forbidden love, not him. She was turned into the eight-legged little weaver and when you kill a spider and it rains, those are “Arachnida’s tears”.

Spider Tattoos For Women – Ideas

Especially, the idea of women and spiders make up for a venomous personality that is designed to strike fears in the hearts of even the bravest men around. A black widow is one of the most commonly seen designs done on the women canvas and the persons who gaze on it are told to be well aware of the women’s traits and behavior lest she brings on some harm onto the onlookers. Most spiders tattoo designs are elegant and beautiful in nature and done with the greatest delicacy taking intense care in drawing up the legs of the spider enriching the design with intense colorations that are taken cue of from nature. Some designers even exaggerate the colorations in order to make it eye-catching to the general public. Size generally varies from small to medium and configurations that make it possible for a women to carry.

Despite the unnatural appearance and the fear that most women have of spiders, they carry a universal allure and attraction hidden deep within thousands of years of culture. Most spider tattoos are done in great detail, drawn with long slender legs and bold bodies to make use of their simple but elegant design. Colors are rich and deep and take their cues from nature, but it’s not uncommon to exaggerate the pallet with an intensely brazen coloration to add more character. Sizes mostly range from small to medium and their flexible configuration makes them wearable pretty much anywhere on the body.