Spider Tattoos For Men

Spider Tattoos For MenSpider Tattoos For Men

Spider Tattoos For Men are easily customizable. From color, shape, type, and style they can be personalized for each individual. Some may want to have their spider tattoo done in their favorite color, or their birthstone color or a color that represents a certain time in their life. Some may choose a color for what the color represents, like red can mean passion, or green can mean envy. Whatever color you chose, the choice will most likely be very personal. The size is also another way to customize a spider tattoo. Generally if you chose to place a spider tattoo on your back the spider tattoo will be much larger than if you place it on the wrist or ankle. You can also make a great statement by making it large.

Spider tattoos are associated with both good and bad. In many cultures spider tattoos indicate ties to the underworld. However, given the spider’s far more positive history in many cultures of the world, it can also be a symbol of creativity and wisdom.

Spider Tattoos For Men – Meanings

The spider tattoo has been associated with a lot of things in the world today. For some, thee tattoo can only be a representation of the time you spent behind bars in prison, while others perceive it as a person whose web of life crossed path with the KKK. The same tattoo on the elbow would occur as implying a skinhead who have issues with his environment, a derelict and an anti-everything person; anti racist, anti gay, as well as a rubber stamp of a skinhead in prison behind the shadow of death on death row, murder depicted on the forehead. For other type of societal menace, it’s just a reminder to them and others that they had the pleasure of serving a sentence for a specific number of years. It would not be a surprise if the spider tattoos does not fall short of depicting the number of people whom one has given an express ticket to the labyrinth of death.

Spider Tattoos For Men – History

The spider tattoo is closely linked to tribal tattoos all around the world. Throughout history, there are myths and countless legends that portray spiders all around the globe. The basic meaning of the spider tattoo varies from person to person. The spider tattoo and spider web tattoo have portrayed several things in history, but most commonly, the tattoo refers to our struggles in the web of life. Anything that enters the spider web will struggle to get out if they can. The spider tattoo can represent the struggle of life or how we struggle with life situations. This can relate to so many of us because we all go through hard times at some point in our life.

In Greek Mythology, a woman named Arachne was known as a great weaver. Athena was very jealous of Arachne’s talents, so she chose to make Arachne’s life a living hell. Once Arachne passed away, Athena felt awful. She felt so bad, she turned Arachne into a spider so she could once again be able to weave.

Spider Tattoos For Men – Ideas

Spider Tattoos For Men Ideas are used in a darker way. It is not unusual to see a spider with a skull for a head or a gothic cross on its back. Another idea is a crouching spider with excessively long legs; the slightly bent legs may give the appearance of serrated bat wings. Two other designs for spider tattoos are the alien and steampunk spiders. The alien spider will have a far more modern feel; it is usually depicted in a bright lime green with an unusually large body and fangs. These can also be shown in bright grays or blues to give it a more metallic appearance. The steampunk spider has a more anachronistic quality. This style of spider has extremely long legs that are made of either aged metal or wood, and has a body made of clockwork pieces.