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Spider Tattoos Spider Tattoos

Spider tattoos are known to represent a variety of different meanings—both good and bad. For example, spiders are often considered to be creatures of the sun with their radiating legs and webs; therefore, spider tattoo designs can be seen as symbols of life, vitality, health and radiating energy. They are also regarded as lunar creatures associated with the moon—passive, mystical and cyclical. Spiders are often seen as symbols of fertility, balance and harmony and are commonly personified as grandmothers, teachers and protectors of wisdom. Some of the other positive attributes of spiders include creativity, possibilities, skill, and wisdom.

Spiders in Mythology

In ancient Greek mythology, there was a tale of a beautiful maiden named Arachne, who was such a brilliant weaver that the goddess Athena became jealous of her. It was because of this jealousy that Athena set out to make Arachne’s life so miserable that it led to Arachne’s early death. Athena’s remorse for what she had done was so great that she resurrected Arachne as a spider so that she could spin her beautiful webs for eternity.

Native American storytellers speak of a spider woman who was present at the dawn of creation, before humans existed. The spider woman is said to have taught people the art of weaving. In Native American clay carvings, the spider is drawn with a cross on it’s back to symbolize the center of the earth with its four cardinal directions (north, south, east and west.). Therefore, some tattoo enthusiasts may choose spider tattoos to represent their Native American heritage.

Symbolism of Spider Tattoos in Various Cultures

Spider tattoos are thought to symbolize cosmic order. They are seen as weavers of reality and also as creators and inhabitants of wisdom.

Tattoos of spiders within webs can indicate that the wearer has a drug addiction or is a thief. If the spiders are shown moving upwards, it symbolizes that the wearer is still an active criminal. If the spiders are moving downwards, it symbolizes that the wearer is intending to leave their life of crime.

Spider tattoos are seen as symbols of good luck, unless the spider is black. Then it is not considered to be lucky at all.

To some they look creepy, to others thrilling- either ways spiders are always too hard to ignore. If you think, you have caliber to weave webs, hard to escape then you certainly deserve a spider tattoo. Scary spider tattoos give you complete freedom to think of craziest possible stories to ink on your body for an extreme art delight. It is an exciting treat to eyes to see people wearing such out of the box spider combos.

Spider Tattoos – The Spider is another popular tattoo symbol that crosses many tattoo genres and is prominently featured in the traditional tribal tattoos of many indigenous peoples around the world. There are very few cultures that do not have stories about spiders within their mythological histories, no doubt in part because spiders can be found on nearly every part of the planet, even on far-off islands, as spiders can travel vast distances using their webs as little parachutes! And who amongst us has not been fascinated by the webs that spiders weave and the way they capture their prey. Such images have fired the imaginations of men and women since the dawn of time.

Other peoples around the world saw the spider as a symbol of cunning and creativity. And spider tattoos images have fired the imaginations of men and women since the dawn of time.
I can’t help but wonder how many people have looked at it, especially one like this big black widow in the middle of this guys back, and just though now that’s a bad ass looking spider and would make a pretty cool tattoo. I would bet many have before getting their spider tattoos. But whatever the reason for you getting it is really the only good reason. So come up with something you can live with before going all the way.

The Spider Tattoos

A popular spider tattoo, especially among Emos or goths, is the black widow. A black widow symbolizes independence and vengeance. In popular culture the black widow spider tattoo and its web represent a force that’s even more treacherous. You only need to observe it processing innocent victims caught in its web to know that it’s a deadly, blood sucking carnivore. It’s no surprise that evil, flesh eating spiders, including black widows, are the life-blood of comic book characters, children’s games, and ghost stories.

They spell terror and fatal entrapment, and every one who loves a horror story, loves spiders. And the black widow is even more terrifying. The female black widow chooses a mate and then when she has extracted what she wants from the male, she then viscously attacks and kills it. And the final thing that makes this spider tattoo so fierce is that they are extremely poisonous. One bite from the black widow can be fatal especially to the very young and very old. If you choose a spider tattoo then consider the black widow. The women in the picture is a perfect example of what can be done with a well designed spider tattoo.

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