Spider Tattoo Ideas

Spider Tattoo Ideas

Spider Tattoo Ideas

Spider tattoos are associated with both good and bad. In many cultures spider tattoos indicate ties to the underworld. However, given the spider’s far more positive history in many cultures of the world, it can also be a symbol of creativity and wisdom.

To some they look creepy, to others thrilling- either ways spiders are always too hard to ignore. If you think, you have caliber to weave webs, hard to escape then you certainly deserve a spider tattoo. Scary spider tattoos give you complete freedom to think of craziest possible stories to ink on your body for an extreme art delight. It is an exciting treat to eyes to see people wearing such out of the box spider combos.

To some, spider tattoos that feature the arachnid sitting placidly in the midst of its web may be a symbol of someone being ‘stuck’ in

the midst of addiction. However, the image of a spider weaving its web is not only a symbol of creativity, but also a very unique piece. Given the intricate pattern of their webs, you can create a plethora of either jagged, or graceful patterns.

Spider Tattoo Ideas – Symbol of Spider Tattoos in Various Cultures

India: spider tattoos are thought to symbolize cosmic order. They are seen as weavers of reality and also as creators and inhabitants of wisdom.

Russia: tattoos of spiders within webs can indicate that the wearer has a drug addiction or is a thief. If the spiders are shown moving upwards, it symbolizes that the wearer is still an active criminal. If the spiders are moving downwards, it symbolizes that the wearer is intending to leave their life of crime.

Islam: spider tattoos are seen as symbols of good luck, unless the spider is black. Then it is not considered to be lucky at all.

Piaroa Indians: tarantulas, as well as tarantula tattoos, are seen as having mystical powers. They are regarded as a delicacy and are prepared by being placed into a rolled leaf and roasted over hot coals.

Native American storytellers speak of Spider Woman who existed at the dawn of creation before humans arrived. Not surprisingly, she taught the people the art of weaving. Today, the Spider is a symbol of fertility, balance and harmony, and is often personified as
In popular culture, today, the Spider and its web represent a force that’s even more treacherous. You only need to observe it processing innocent victims caught in its web to know that it’s a deadly, blood-sucking carnivore. It’s no surprise that evil, flesh eating Spiders are the life-blood of comic book characters, children’s games, and ghost stories. They spell terror and fatal entrapment, and every one who loves a horror story, loves Spiders.Grandmother, the teacher and protector of wisdom. Spider shows up on prehistoric Native American clay carvings. It’s a stylized Spider with a cross carved on its back, which, according to some archaeologists, symbolizes the centre of the earth and the four cardinal directions – north, south, east and west.

Spider Tattoo Ideas – Spider Tattoo Designs and Meanings

Spider tattoos featuring spiders dangling at the end of a thread are often associated with creativity and cunningness. They are considered symbols of good luck and fortune because they are believed to be bringing down joy from heaven.

Among weavers, spider tattoos are symbols of their chosen craft—each creating their patterns with careful precision.

On the darker side, it is quite common to see spider tattoos featuring skulls for heads or gothic crosses on their backs. Tattoos featuring black widow spiders often symbolize independence but can also symbolize a dark and twisted love.

Spider tattoos can also be unique and colorful. For example, designs featuring alien spiders feature bright lime green arachnids with unusually large bodies and fangs. Steam punk spider tattoo designs can be recognized by the use of extremely long legs made of aged metal or wood and bodies consisting of clock pieces.

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