Skull Tattoos For Women

The fasination of skull tattoos for men and women is a mystery. Not that I haven’t seen some really good ones and I think that they can be interesting and cool, I just can’t see myself with one and would love to ask someone with a skull tattoo “what draws you to this?” Most women associate skulls with death and destruction but some can also be partnered with life and the cycle that all things living must take.

Here is one tip if you are a girl who wants to have a skull tattoo. Skull tattoos for women? Place a giant pink bow on the skull’s head, positioned in a beautiful way. You also can place two smaller arcs, one on each side of the skull. Of course, you always can use another color other than pink. eg black, make a bow your favorite color.

And speaking of a skull tattoos for women in the foot, well, Women Foot Skull Tattoos symbol all depends on what else is on the tattoo, for example; you could either have a skull tattoo that is like a pirate ship flag, or even a skull tattoo that is on fire.