Skull Tattoos For Men

What is a skull tattoos for men? Skull tattoos for men serves as a remnant of the body that must remain dormant until the grave, and then emerges as a reminder of the corpse it once served. Skulls gives you a reminder of death, insurrection and eternal powers bigger than you. Every one has to die one day but very few want to accept this fact.

Back in ancient times skulls also symbolized big changes rather than danger or death and this meaning has been fine tuned over the years and adapted so that is has more positive symbolism. A skull design is devoid of flesh, it has no real human attachment, the eyes, the nose, the brain all are gone, and yet the human skull is of course, human!

In some cultures skull is linked with black magic and also as a sign of danger. But there are people creative enough to add a personalized touch to otherwise horrifying skull tattoos. Check out some scary and some ghostly skull tattoos.