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Common Questions

I only want one design, why do I have to pay for everything?

That’s the membership model we have found to be most beneficial. While other sites charge $7-$25 per design you’ll get access to THOUSANDS of designs, plus photos, forums, videos & more for one low price. Tattoos tend to be somewhat addictive and if you feel like you want another tattoo, your TattooMeNow membership will always be there (FOR LIFE if you go with the lifetime option).

Can I download as many designs I want?

Yes you can! There’s no limit to the amount of designs you can download and print. That’s one of the main benefits of our membership.

How many designs & photos do you currently have?

Here are some stats:
Design gallery: 4,852 designs (and growing)
Photo gallery: 2900+ tattoo photos (and growing)

What makes you better than other tattoo membership sites?

We’re the only site out there that offers thousands of high quality tattoo designs, tattoo photos, forums and more for one low price.

If I don’t like what I see, how do I cancel?

Simply contact us and we’ll process your refund ASAP.

I’m an artist, are there other artists onboard?

Yes we have a large amount of artists among our members. We even have a special forum dedicated to discussions between artists.

Is the membership fee a one-time payment?

Yes, both the 1-year and lifetime options are one-time payments. No recurring charges and no hidden fees – ever!
For questions not answered above, please contact us.