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One of the most popular tattoo designs is the rose and it’s a favorite among men and women alike. But don’t worry. Even though the rose tattoo is popular there’s little chance your tattoo will end up looking like everyone else’s. With so many ways to display roses and so many body parts to display them on your design options are limitless. Whether shown alone or woven into a complex portrait, the rose is as popular in Western culture as the Lotus is in Asian culture.

History of the rose

The rose is believed to be the oldest species of flower. Its history can be traced back thousands of years and throughout this time it’s been revered by almost every culture including the Ancient Egyptians, Romans, Chinese, Africans and Europeans. There even was a time not so long ago when roses were used as legal tender!

Why the Rose?

If you’re looking for the ultimate symbol of beauty then a rose tattoo is it. Also symbolic of romance, rose tattoos are an excellent way to memorialize loved ones. Back in the 40’s sailors often chose rose tattoos as a way of honoring the women they left behind.

Roses shown with a cross can symbolize God’s love or the blood of Jesus or even the Virgin Mary. Very often roses are symbols of martyrdom.

You might also choose a rose tattoo as a way to express femininity or all things female.

Roses rely on thorns for their protection so if you want to send a message that love involves taking risks and sacrifice then surround the rose with thorns. A rose tattoo with thorns is also a great way to say go ahead and look at the beauty but please do not touch. Roses with thorns can relay the message that love should be pursued with caution because if you’re not careful you might get pricked and bleed. Thorns can also represent masculinity so a rose with thorns might convey male/female balance.

Always the centerpiece in gardens and elaborate floral bouquets and often the focus of poetry, it’s no wonder rose tattoos are so common. While explaining what you want your tattoo to look like, you might not want to choose the rose’s color based on a preferred or favorite color. That’s because people associate certain colored roses with certain characteristics. For example:

  • Arm Rose TattoosThe red rose represents beauty, romance and true love. It is by far the color of choice. Since red is the color of blood the red rose can also symbolize life.
  • A pink rose symbolizes elegance, gentility and grace.
  • An image of a white rose is most often a sign of purity, innocence, youth or secrecy. It can also represent spiritual love.
  • Yellow roses have always symbolized joy, devotion and friendship but in past times indicated jealousy.
  • Coral indicates desire.
  • The black rose is another popular color and most often represents tragedy and death. Black rose tattoos are often created with daggers.

Rose tattoo trends

If you’re wondering what’s driving the trend in rose tattoos the answer is simple: the rose itself drives the trend. Its continued popularity after thousands of years is testimony to its timeless appeal..

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  1. rose tattoos are more unique to girls than guys, but tribal rose tattoo works fine to guys.

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