phoenix tattoo in armPhoenix Tattoos

The phoenix can be an appealing choice for the tattoo lover. There are some great symbolisms related to the fiery bird in many cultures. Did you know that there is meaning related to the color of the bird? There is. The name comes from the Greek word for ‘red,’ which is the color of fire. In Egyptian mythology the phoenix is red. It represents a sacrificing of self for renewal. The beautiful bird with long plumage is reborn a red bird. It chooses its’ own moment of death, builds a funeral fire and rises from the ash. The phoenix is also known as a “firebird”. Because of this it has become a symbol of overcoming adversity, of renewal, of courage and in some cases reincarnation. Regardless, it is always portrayed as a splendid immortal being.

The original Egyptian phoenix had a humans and bird wings. Later, it became more like the bird we most often see today. Other myths have pictured the phoenix much like a peacock or an eagle. More recently, the phoenix has become a regular in mythic books, films, and video games. Each of the bird’s colors represent the characters within the games, the magicians in the movies or the number of times that it has been reborn in myth. Much like dragons in Chinese myth, the golden phoenix is the oldest and wisest in most interpretations. The phoenix can be seen in all the colors that can be found in flames. Red, orange, blue and gold coloring illuminate the flames in our tattoos.

I think the phoenix is probably the most significant bird in mythology. I can’t remember any others that are as well known in some many cultures. The phoenix has been honored around the world. Everyone has a slightly different take on it.

In some versions, the phoenix flew around the globe gathering the finest fragrant herbs before buildings its death fire. In other versions, the phoenix sets a nest of incense like twigs with the heat of its own body. Sometimes it rises instantly, and sometimes it is three days later. The phoenix has also been worshipped as a Sun God that appeared every 500 years. InRome, it was chosen as a coin stamp to show the endurance of their empire. Unfortunately, we all know that theRoman Empirefell and was never resurrected. No matter which version you choose, the phoenix symbolizes the undying soul and the triumph of rebirth.

The phoenix tattoo is often selected by people who have overcome some type of major challenge in their lives. There are not many people who haven’t faced a life changing event. We could all find a reason for getting this tattoo. Can’t you?.

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