Phoenix Tattoos For Men

Phoenix Tattoos For MenAny man that wants to start a new life or leave troubled times behind her may want to consider a phoenix tattoos for men.The Phoenix has always been a symbol of life and rebirth, and carries the same meaning for women that display this magnificent tattoo design.

Phoenix Tattoos For Men Meaning

What is the phoenix tattoos for men means? The phoenix is the most widely known and most revered mythological bird figure in tattoo art. Aside from its lush, fiery color and breathtaking beauty, its ancient and mythical symbolism of rebirth fascinates tattoo buffs all over the world. If you want to find out more about this extraordinary long-lived bird and its various designs, you’ve just come to the right lens. Read on and enjoy!

Phoenix Tattoos For Men History

A phoenix is the legendary mythological bird of fire, which is very popular as a rebirth and resurrection symbol. The original meaning of phoenix in Greek is ‘palm tree’. There are many stories attached to this bird in Greek and Roman empires, ancient Middle East, India and China. It is said to be an extraordinary long living bird, which is also known for its beauty and luxuriant plumage. The bird is said to live for more than 500 years. A Jewish legend has it that the bird has a long life as it refused to eat the forbidden fruit of paradise.

Phoenix Tattoos For Men Ideas

If you are looking at small phoenix tattoos for men, then the tribal version works well on its own. This is also perfect if you are looking for a more subtle design that can be placed more discretely on your skin in locations like the lower back, hip, foot, neck or even behind the ear. While these designs are suitable for both men and women the areas both sexes choose for this tattoo tend to be very different. Men like theirs to be displayed in a prominent position like the chest or upper arm while women opt for a more out the way place such as the ribs, hip or back.