Phoenix Tattoos

One of the most symbolic birds through history has been the Phoenix. When it comes to the Phoenix and the Phoenix tattoo, the most distinguished meaning is “ressurection”. The Phoenix comes from the East, in Arabian lands. The Phoenix is the only one of its kind. When the Phoenix’s life draws to an end, it build a nest full of spices.

The phoenix is said to live for 500 years. When it grows tired, it builds a nest of aromatic twigs, and then sets fire to itself to be consumed in the funeral pyre of its own making. After three days, the phoenix would arise from the ashes, reborn. In the myth, the Phoenix is an extraordinarily long-lived bird of great beauty and luxuriant plumage (often described as golden or red-hued), living five hundred years or more, a fact attributed by one early Jewish legend that the Phoenix refused to eat the forbidden fruit of Paradise.

In China and Japan (where the phoenix is called the Feng Huang and the Hou-ou, respectively), the phoenix’s tale is quite different. It is closely associated with the dragon (See dragon tattoo designs), both as lover and deadly enemy, a complex motif steeped in meaning – both conflict and bliss characterize the relationship, something many people see reflected in their own relationships.