Phoenix Tattoo Ideas

Phoenix Tattoo Ideas Phoenix Tattoo Ideas

Phoenix tattoo Ideas is not only beautiful, it also allows you to get creative and put your own personality into the design. When a tribal Phoenix is done, it is very common to place it in the middle of the back. This is because with tribal art, this design would likely be large and the middle of the back allows for enough room to add in all the spectacular detail. However, even when not using a tribal design, the middle of the back is a great place to tattoo the Phoenix! It also looks great on the shoulder, the upper arm and the lower leg (calf).

The phoenix is the most widely known and most revered mythological bird figure in tattoo art. Aside from its lush, fiery color and breathtaking beauty, its ancient and mythical symbolism of rebirth fascinates tattoo buffs all over the world.

There are small, dainty, colorful tattoos suitable for an ankle or a shoulder. There are large, intricate tattoos, that cover an entire head, back, arm or leg. All the tattoo artists have portfolios of tattoos from which you can select, or you can bring a sketch and have them design something for you.

Types of Phoenix Tattoos

Lone Phoenix Tattoos
– Lone phoenix tattoos are tattoos with the bird appearing by itself. Sounds simple but this magnificent creature can occupy all of your back skin and look absolutely stunning. It’s the choice of phoenix tattoos that will make or break the use of this tattoo in large scale.
Phoenix and Egg Tattoos – Phoenix and egg tattoos are a wonderful concept for design if you’d like to show the birth of a phoenix. This would represent a new beginning which is one of the main symbolic meanings of the phoenix in mythology.

Phoenix on Fire Tattoos
– Phoenix on Fire Tattoos is an illustrations of one of the steps that the phoenix goes through in the process of rebirth. It must reduce itself to ashes before it can be reborn. The Phoenix is also known as the firebird in some cultures because of its need to burst into flames to begin the process of rebirth. Phoenix on Fire tattoos could represent the ending of one phase and the beginning of another. If this is your choice in phoenix tattoos, consider the amount of skin coverage.

Phoenix and Chinese Dragon Tattoos
– Phoenix and Chinese dragon tattoos hold significant meaning. If meaning is not important to you, then consider the fact that these two creatures produce a stunning piece of body art. The Chinese culture considers the Phoenix as both representatives of the female and male aspects. But when illustrated with a dragon, such as in Phoenix tattoos, the phoenix is the female counterpart to the male dragon. These types of phoenix tattoos hold special meanings for lovers.

Phoenix Metamorphosis Tattoos
– Phoenix metamorphosis tattoos are a unique concept. While the process the phoenix goes through is not actually referred to by scholars as metamorphosis, what else would you call it? Perhaps it’s because of the mythical nature of the Phoenix that scholars are hesitant to label its re-birthing process so similar to the butterfly. Phoenix tattoos of this type could actually illustrate the process of the birth of a Phoenix; ashes forming into an egg; egg breaking open; revealing the Phoenix. Spectacular!

Greek Phoenix Tattoos
– Greek phoenix tattoos would most likely be seen in red and gold. This is because historically they have been described to be most like an eagle in size and physical qualities with gold and red feathers; mostly red. The Greeks however, are also responsible for the illustrations we see of the Phoenix with feathers of a Peacock; very popular these days.

Roman Phoenix Tattoos
– Roman phoenix tattoos are a little difficult to describe. Using the description by the ancient poet Claudius will give us a better visual. While he does not describe the Phoenix in great detail (so take liberties here) he does describe the way in which the Phoenix requests to start the rebirthing process; which by the way would make great Phoenix tattoos. The Romans believed the Phoenix made its nest in the branches of an oak or on the top of a palm tree. Claudius describes that once that nest is made, the Phoenix calls upon the sun for fire. The sun replies by shooting a bolt of sun to the Phoenix head, igniting and starting the rebirthing process.

Egyptian Phoenix Tattoos
– Egyptian phoenix tattoos should be illustrated with a bird more closely resembling a heron or stork if realistic Egyptian style is desired. Egyptian phoenix tattoos would hold special meaning if inked with the Sun or Sun God Ra with who this bird is closely aligned.

Phoenix tattoo Ideas are absolutely both eye catching and astonishing. Although this bird is a mythical creature reported sightings of it have been told all around the globe with the possible the exception of the America’s. This bird is not to be confused with the Native American Thunderbird. The phoenix is popular in the Far East and Middle Eastern parts of the globe. Most fascinating are the myths surrounding the gorgeous creature. Most myths involve a story about how the Phoenix goes through a process of recreation. This is usually accomplished by setting itself on fire and constructing an egg from the ashes from which the phoenix is hatched again. Another version is that the phoenix is reborn from the ashes themselves. Many cultures hold this mythical bird very close to their spiritual being.

Phoenix tattoos are most commonly used tattoos for men and women,theses are famous because of phoenix simplicity and its long life. Pheonix is a unique bird having life of six centuries after which it burns itself. Phoenix is normally found in arabs desert. Phoenix reborns, and anyone one who has this tattoos represent that he/she has faced and passed through difficulties of life and survived. It is also known as fire bird in greek world. Anyone can inked Phoenix tattoos on any part of body. There are many phoenix birds tattoos available. These portray the dark and bright colour tattoos. Theses may be in flying position or marked as fired tattoos design.

Normally Orange, red and yellow color is used for phoenix tattoos which represent the effect of vibrant life, fire and sun. Although you can choose colour of your own choice like purple, green and grey. Some people mark large phoenix tattoos on their body but some prefer to mark small phoenix tattoos on arms legs and stomach etc.

Phoenix Tattoo Ideas is contours well with many areas of the body. It allows the artist to be creative and do a lot of freehand drawing on the skin to make for a lively finished product.The most common areas you will find the fiery design is the rib cage, sleeve, hip, and back pieces. Those areas accommodate large detail pieces. Smaller versions of the bird dwell on wrists, lower back, shoulders, and necks. Individuals looking to do something different with this gorgeous creature may go for a chest piece or down an entire leg.

In ancient Greek mythology the phoenix serves as the symbol of rebirth. At the end of its immensely long life cycle the bird builds itself a nest of cinnamon twigs, and immolates itself in the fire. From the ashes rises up a new young bird, to live again, thus achieving immortality. A very popular tattoo design with people who have had lives filed with change and loss, the Phoenix can serve as a constant reminder that through spirit we are invincible.