Patriotic Tattoos

Patriotic TattoosPatriotism is a wonderful feeling that fills you with pride for your nation and a service spirit. All of us contribute to the development of our nation in our own way, doing our respective jobs and abiding by the laws of the country. However, when it comes to showing our love, tattoos steal the show. They are a cool way of expressing pride and admiration for the nation that nurtured our body and soul. A patriotic tattoo is the best way of saying “I love you” to your motherland. It is popular not only with the soldiers but all people of all age group. One is never old enough to sport a patriotic tattoo.

Patriotic tattoos are often gotten as a way to represent a lasting pride in the country of the wearer. There are many symbols that may be used to create pieces that express this sentiment. These symbols often consist of flags and maps, as well as emblems that are relevant to specific locations like states or cities. Although many patriotic designs focus on the United States, people from around the world like to show pride in their country by way of body art.

Patriotic tattoos are mostly worn on parts that are exposed or visible to the eyes of the onlookers. The images include the national flag and other national symbols. Those who want some lettering that convey love and pride can go for scrolls bearing the same. Here is a collection of 25 patriotic tattoos that will show you the various shades of national style statements, carved on different body parts. Take a look and get some fantastic ideas and inspirations.

Some of the most commonly seen patriotic tattoos display flags. Often times these flags are basic and display the cloth-looking piece flat against the skin. On occasion, the flag may appear to be waving, it may be large or small, or it may be morphed into another shape. For example, it may take on the appearance of a heart, a flower or even a rainbow. Flags also sometimes appear in larger scenes. For instance, you may see the flag flying in the background of a war scene, it may be wrapped around a pin up model or may be held in the hands of small children.

Take the time to examine how you feel about your country. If you are American you may look at the ideals of freedom as to why you are patriotic. You may also see the country’s devotion to its men and women in military service as the core sense of your patriotism. If your country of origin is the United Kingdom, then you may pledge your allegiance to the crown and so your patriotic tattoo ideas may include the crown. No matter your country of origin, or where you may call home these days, take the time to look deep inside yourself to see why you are patriotic and use that when planning your tattoo.

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