Patriotic Tattoo Ideas

Patriotic Tattoo IdeasPatriotic Tattoo Ideas

Patriotic tattoo ideas may seem like a bit old fashioned in this age of globalisation but they are still popular; most of them who opt of patriotic tattoos are of ‘right-wing’ (often milder than what the Nazis had etc) ideology. Patriotic tattoos are also popular among the armed personal as a means of inspiration. Patriotic tattoos can be anything from the national flag to the image of a famous national place and they can be quite big.

To many people, the flag of their country is the basis for everything patriotic. For this reason the flag can be the focal point of your patriotic tattoo. In the case of the United States, you can add many items to it that can scream patriotism. Your flag could be waving as if hanging from a flag pole. The flag could be shredded with holes and tears to symbolize the flag’s condition in the National Anthem.

Other tattoo ideas include the American flag with several other symbols of patriotism. Everyone is familiar with the “ribbon campaigns”, as these ribbons can be found on nearly any car you come across. They can symbolize just about anything and for many the yellow ribbon represents a dedication to the country’s troops. After the events following September 11th, patriotic fervor was at an all time high and remembering that day has since been synonymous with patriotism. You can include with your flag tattoo words that inspire others or yourself such as “Live Free”.

The Patriotic Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos can be a way to show permanent pride and love for your country. Patriotic tattoos have been popular among soldiers, sailors and average Americans alike. When considering a tattoo it’s important to be sure of the design before you go forward with it. Think hard about the size, location and exactly how you want it to look, as once the tattoo goes on, removal can be a painful and expensive process.

Patriotic Tattoo Ideas – Service Emblem

If you spent some time in the service or are currently an active member, consider getting the emblem of your branch of service. Since the emblems are full of such detail, be sure to print a picture to bring to the tattoo artist. Discuss the coloring and size as well.

Patriotic Tattoo Ideas – Flag Heart

There’s no more of a literal way to symbolize love than a heart. To display your strong love of country, get a tattoo of the flag in the shape of a heart. Areas of the body to consider for this type of tattoo would be your lower back, bicep or on the chest over your heart.

Patriotic Tattoo Ideas – Yellow Ribbon

The times in which we live are full of turmoil and those who have family members in the military may have to endure long periods of separation from their loved ones. A yellow ribbon has come to symbolize the absence of a loved one—especially one serving overseas in the military. A tattoo of a yellow ribbon can serve as a tribute to your special solider.

Patriotic Tattoo Ideas – Barcode

For a creative take on the patriotic tattoo that’s sure to get attention, get a barcode tattoo that says “Made in the USA” underneath. Barcodes often include numbers underneath them, so consider adding your birthday. This parody on packaging should grab plenty of attention. Another variation of this tattoo would be to have the barcode made up of the American flag.

Patriotic Tattoo Ideas – Historic Symbol

Maybe you’re a proud American who’s also a history buff. There are a number of tattoos that could combine your love of country with your love of history. Ideas include the number 1776 to symbolize the birth of the country, a picture of the U.S. Constitution or the first flag.

Patriotism is a wonderful feeling that fills you with pride for your nation and a service spirit. All of us contribute to the development of our nation in our own way, doing our respective jobs and abiding by the laws of the country. However, when it comes to showing our love, tattoos steal the show. They are a cool way of expressing pride and admiration for the nation that nurtured our body and soul. A patriotic tattoo is the best way of saying “I love you” to your motherland. It is popular not only with the soldiers but all people of all age group. One is never old enough to sport a patriotic tattoo.

Patriotic tattoo ideas are a great way to show off your love for your country and culture. Whether you want to show off your love of the United States with American tattoos or your Asian patriotism with some Japanese symbols, patriotic tattoos are a good way to explore your heritage.

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