Nature Tattoos

Nature tattoos are often meant to symbolize our passion for the world around us; from our surroundings, to the things that wander in it. Every item in nature, however, has its own particular symbolism, and by mixing these images — either to create a scene, or a design — you can invent your own earthy, and unique piece.

Nature tattoos would be nothing without nature itself, and the vast array of plant life available can create a plethora of unique and beautiful designs. Nature tattoos can meld together the aspects of both animal and plant life. These are often done in a portrait style; an example of this would be a small red fox wandering around a snowy plane, or climbing a rock-covered mountain.

Nature tattoos can mean a love of our surroundings, or an interest in the many symbols that it carries — either way, these designs are something that everyone can relate to.