Moon Tattoos

Moon Tattoos Moon Tattoos History

Moon Tattoo can also be interpreted as the symbol for creating balance and harmony. These two elements stand for the two grand principals of everything; the active and the passive, with the sun the former and the Moon Tattoo the latter. When blended and combined together as one, the force will be much powerful and enduring. In many ancient cultures (and some current ones) the sun represented energy of men and the moon represented feminine mystery.

This is one reason that moon tattoos are sometimes combined with sun tattoos. It is a symbol of the natural balance of things; dark and light, male and female. When these elements are put together, they add balance and harmony to the world. the moon is a symbol of heaven. It pulls the tides and seas, governs daylight hours, and changes peoples moods. The moon is an object of power, mystery and imagination and is highly symbolic of feminine power and fertility.

Countless goddesses in ancient myths have been featured with a silvery moon to convey hidden powers, secret wisdom and subtle influences. In Western astrology, The Moon is said to represent the feeling nature of the individual. It is the “planet” associated with Monday, and the Zodiac sign Cancer. It is used to characterize the inner child, as well as the past and how we have been as individuals rather than how we are now.

Pagans use the Moon as a symbol of the goddess and her worship. The three aspects of the goddess Maiden, Mother & Crone are represented by the crescent moon with its points facing left, the full moon or full circle and the crescent with its points facing right respectively.

Moon Tattoos Meaning

The moon that pulls the tides and seas, governs daylight hours and changes peoples moods. It is an object of power, mystery and imagination. With the moon you can have everything from sinister to scientific to fun. From new moon to old to full moon. The moon is a symbol of heaven. It is ruler of emotions. Both Eastern and Western cultures associate moon with mother and nurturing because moon looks outwards, shining its light on others, which has become synonymous with the traditional feminine principles of care-giving and comforting others. It is universally associated with water and tides and the female cycles of menstruation.

In China, the moon is the Yin (feminine) principle, and in Indian astrology, the moon represents the mind.In ancient Egypt, we find the earliest written records of the moon’s influence in the lives of humans. Before Sun worship, the Egyptians worshipped the moon. In ceremonies and processions, herheaddress was a moon with a pair of cow’s horns symbolizing motherhood, since Isis was also the representative of Nature. The ancient Egyptians also portrayed the moon as a cat, not because of any physical resemblance, but because both were lights in the dark the cat could see at night, and the moonshed light in the night sky.

There are a lot of different moon tattoo meanings and meanings associated with the moon. Below are a few meanings of the moon tattoo:

  • Motherhood
  • Home
  • Nurturing
  • Balance
  • Passivity
  • Wonder
  • Mystery
  • Femininity
  • Intuition
  • Transition
  • Renewal
  • Time
  • Cycle
  • Fertility
  • Child-like
  • Children
  • Guidance
  • Direction
  • Fantasy

Moon Tattoos Designs

Moon tattoo design is quite cute and cool available in black & white version. This scalable vector tattoo design you can use in any size bigger or smaller at any part of the body according to your taste. Some of the different designs include the moon and fairy tattoo, the sun and moon tattoo, the blue moon tattoo, the black moon tattoo, Zodiac and moon tattoo, the half moon tattoo, the crescent moon tattoo, and the animal moon tattoo. In the western world, moon tattoos are fitting design themes for both men and women. Howling wolves, whimsical fairies and Celtic knots are only a few of the many elements commonly combined with moon shapes to create the numerous moon designs found in tattoo studios today.

In many cases, the moon is depicted as having a personality and is drawn with a face. A lot of people also like to use the image of the moon and sun in an intimate embrace. You can also use many fantasy figures such asfairies, dragons or one of the many moon goddesses (such as Diana, Mawu of Selene).
There are also many vintage and Victorian images that can be used for moon tattoos. Many of these feature a broad, round, content face. But there are several that feature cherubic angelsand sweet young women lounging along the length of a crescent moon.

Moon Tattoos Ideas

Moon tattoos can be flashed on shoulder, upper back, neck, hand, foot, thighs, sides of stomach ,hipbone, back, chest or even foot area with varied combination of stars, swirls, floral patterns or angels. There is no dearth pf creative freedom when it comes to moon tattoos. The heavenly ink art piece enhance your personality with unique divine inclination and charm.