Mermaid Tattoos

Mermaid Tattoos Mermaid Tattoos History

Mermaid tattoos have had a long and symbolic history in both Western and Oriental myth. Nearly ever culture that has lived near the ocean has presented some sort of tale about the mysterious women on the water.

Long being a mystery of sailors for hundreds of the years, the Mermaid has now become a popular tattoo choice for men and women alike. They can be portrayed as sexy and mysterious or sweet and innocent.

For the Greeks and Romans, mermaids were beautiful creatures who lived near rocks at the shore.

Mermaid Tattoos Meaning

Mermaid meaning and symbolism is forever linked with water. As water is a symbol of intuition, emotion, the subconscious and deeply primitive realms of mental perception – so too is the mermaid symbolic of these instinctive aspects of perception too.

Mermaid Tattoos Design

Sailors would commonly get mermaid tattoo designs in respect for the beautiful and mythical creatures that they often thought they saw. Mermaids are very popular tattoos among women and sailors for the represent both feminine beauty and the perils and wonders of the sea

Mermaid Tattoos Ideas

Placement of mermaid tattoos will depend on the size you choose. They actually go from mid to large size but are also seen in small size as well. Placed on the back gives the opportunity for mermaid tattoos to be incorporated into a theme using other sea creatures.

Once again, the mermaid may be portrayed in a sexual pose. For example, you may see mermaids topless upon an anchor or rock. In many cases, the long flowing hair of the mermaid covers the bare chest.