Maori Tattoos For Women

maori tattoos for womenThe Maori tattoos for women of New Zealand are well-known for their beautiful art of “moko”, or tattooing. Anyone who could afford the art to be done by a tattooist got tattooed, and even those who could not pay the high price of a tattooist went to an amateur rather than be without decoration.

Maori Tattoos For Women History

The Maori are an indigenous Polynesian people found in New Zealand. They have a form of body art, known as moko, more commonly known as Maori tattooing. The art form was brought by the Maori from Polynesia. This art is considered highly sacred, and continues to be highly revered.

Maori Tattoos For Women Meaning

Most women that choose a Maori tattoo get them as a symbol of individual identity. These designs are usually spirals or puzzle like patterns done in a traditional black and white coloration, although many women decide to add color to take their image into the modern era.

Maori Tattoos For Women Ideas

Female moko was basically confined to the chin and lips, although there were some exceptions as tattoos were placed on other places on the face and some women were tattooed as men. The chin and lip moko were designed to attract the opposite sex. It was considered to be the epitome of Maori beauty to have full blue lips. The song that was sung as a young woman got tattooed depicted the attitude towards those who did not get tattooed.

Here is the video of the mixed maori tattoos for women and for men.