Maori Tattoos

When people refer to “Maori tattoos”, they are referring to moko, which is actually distinct from conventional tattoos in that the skin was traditionally marked with small chisels (uhi) rather than punctured with a needle.

These are the said maori tattoos and meanings according to the story of Nga Hau E Wha, the Maori for “The Four Winds”

  1. Tawhirimatea – Maori for “God of the winds”
  2. Tangaroa– Maori for “God of the sea”
  3. Tamanui Te Ra – Maori for “The sun”
  4. Aotearoa– Maori for “New Zealand”
  5. Koru Maori – Maori for “Continuation of all things”
  6. Heimatau – Maori for “Fish hook – Strength – prosperity”

The Maori  tattoo design is a representation of the four corners of the Earth, Nga Hau E Wha – the four winds.

According to Māori mythology, tattooing commenced with a love affair between a young man by the name of Mataora (which means “Face of Vitality”) and a young princess of the underworld by the name of Niwareka.

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