Maori Tattoo Ideas

Maori Tattoo Ideas Maori Tattoo Ideas

Maori Tattoo Ideas stand as some of the most visually stunning tribal tattoo designs in the world. Maori tattoos are a type of Polynesian tattoo design, but have developed their own extremely unique identity. The art of Tattooing is considered sacred among the Maori people of New Zealand. Its exact origin is unknown. It was probably passed to them from the East Polynesian Islands. Maori tattoo designs can be very striking and beautiful. Maori body art is based on the spiral, are curvilinear and consist of curved shapes set in intricate patterns. These can be visually very stunning and many artists have taken inspiration for modern tattoo ideas from the traditional Maori style.

Maori Tattoo Ideas were applied using bone chisels, either sharp or serrated. Deep cuts were placed in the skin, and then an inky pigment was applied into these wounds. Maori tribal tattoos were extremely painful and time consuming. What’s more, the recipient had to refrain from sexual activities or eating solid foods during the application.

Maori Tribal Tattoo Ideas were earned by the wearer for passing various rites of passage or achievements throughout their lives. In this way, the tattoos of a Maori warrior tell a story of what they have been through. The first were applied at puberty, and more were added as time went on. They symbolized not only social achievement, but sexual attractiveness to the opposite sex.

Maori tattoo ideas is becoming more & more popular year by year so its only a matter of time before many people in the west are going to know what these Maori tattoos really mean and as tattoos are for life you don’t really want to be walking around with a tattoo that means something like eligible to marry when you’re already married. So be careful when choosing a Maori tattoo & respect the Maori culture like it should be respected. Once you study their culture & know what their symbols mean then wearing a Maori tattoo will mean a lot more than just wearing something that looks cool & you’ll appreciate it a lot more.

Maori tattoo ideas are type of Polynesian tattoo art coming from Eastern Polynesia. These types of tattoos have a lot of different curved shapes that form their designs. They also use a lot of spirals in their tattoo designs, because they are literally based on the curve of a spiral. Traditionally, the ancient people would permanently decorate their entire faces with these beautiful spirals. They also took a more painful way of tattooing by chiselling their designs into their faces which is much different than the methods that we use

Maori iattoo ideas actually translate to Maori symbolism. All Maori tribal type tattoos mean something. Not only does the tattoo itself symbolize something important in Maori tattoo meanings, where you put it, has serious implications, especially if on the face.
In the current culture, there seems to be two differing sets of opinions and actions taking place; concerning being tatted with a Maori symbol. Some people do not take the culture and history of the Maori moko seriously or they aren’t aware, and others want to be compliant when using a Maori tattoo.

All that being said here are some common symbols and their Maori tattoo meanings:

Bird like figure

– Normally this design is represented with a fish tail, a human body, and bird head. Wearing this symbol is believed to be protective in many ways, and to guide your spirit on to the next path. Because of the length versus the width of this design, it would wear well on an arm or leg by men or women.

Single, double and triple twists

– In the world of Maori tattoo meanings, the single, double and triple twists appear to be considered a basic tattoo. The single twist represents your path in life. The double and triple, however carry further meaning. These twists represent friendship, the path of two lives that have intertwined and become one. Some information about Maori tattoo meanings, implies that even if parted, the two paths will cross once more. This might good tattoo for couples each filling their twist with symbols representing their individuality.

Guardian Spirit

– In the world of Maori tattoo meanings the guardian spirit symbol is known as Manaia. This symbol of the Maori guardian angel is depicted historically with three fingers included in the tat. The fingers represent life, birth, and death in keeping with the beliefs of the Maoris’ in the circle of life, as opposed to a linear perspective.

Good Luck Charm

– The symbolism of the Maori fishhook represents good luck, prosperity, abundance, water safety, and is generally worn by people who play and travel on the water. This is another design that would be appropriate and wear well by both men and women.


– Within the Maori culture, the wearing of a heart tattoo design, is unique in Maori tattoo meanings because it represents a person who is of a generous, kind, loving, and compassionate nature. This tattoo, would go well anywhere but would of course present nicely on the chest of a man or a woman.

Basic Circle

– The Maori tattoo meanings based around the circle are vast. The tattoo design of a Maori circle represents practically the entire universe. It represents the circle of never ending life and everything involved in that circling; what is inside the circle is between you and your tattoo artist. The circle can contain symbols that describe who you are, what you are and what you represent, to name a few. You will want to understand Maori tattoo meanings before designing the interior of the circle.

Maori Tattoo Ideas – A Tattoo

A tattoo is a type of decorative body modification applied by inserting ink into the skin. It started centuries ago and was a significant part of cultures worldwide. In every culture, tattooing has its own origin, significance, designs and instruments.

One popular cultural tattoo is the Maori Tattoo or Ta Moko of the Maori people in New Zealand. It was a rite of passage to adulthood and a symbol of social status. Instead of using a needle, they used an uhi, or chisel, which leaves grooves instead of a smooth surface.


Ta Moko was considered a sacred symbol of social status and rank. For men, it was generally a rite of passage to manhood. Women were not marked in the same places as men; they only had the mark on their upper lips, nostrils and chin. Ta Moko was not only used as a symbol of status but to make themselves attractive to the opposite sex. All high-ranking Maori males had Mokos.

Puzzle Design

Modern Maori tattoos designs are inspired by the traditional Ta Moko but not directly copied from them. Traditional designs had long, graceful and rounded spiral patterns while modern designs consist of geometric designs. Western tattooists merged tribal and Celtic patterns to produce new Maori tattoo designs. The results are mostly squared-off designs, forming an intricate puzzle-like pattern. Artists use heavy lines and shading to emphasize this tattoo design.


Deciding the location of the tattoo is a vital part of getting a tattoo. In the past, Maori men and women followed rules about where their tattoos would be located. However, these days, people can choose to have Maori tattoos placed anywhere they like. Some choose to have it on their forearms, legs or back. Others have tattoos consuming half of their trunk and arms. The area where many men and some women prefer to have a tattoo is the upper arm. They either have the entire, or partial upper arm covered.


Tattoo artists now spruce up the Maori tattoo by adding color into the designs. Consider choosing metallic colors, or red or dark shades of your favorite color.

Maori tattoos are among the most distinctive tattoos in the world and have their own identity amongst the Polynesian tattoos. Tattooing is a sacred art among the Maori people of New Zealand, and probably came to them from the islands of East Polynesia.

Maori Tattoo  is very beautiful, consisting of curved shapes and spirals in intricate patterns. Distinctive for Maori tattoo designs is the fact that they are based on the spiral and that they are curvilinear. The most prevalent place for a Maori tattoo was the face, probably a result of the cool New Zealand clima.

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