Lizard Tattoos For Women

Lizard Tattoos For Women Lizard Tattoos For Women

The lizard tattoos are always considered to be popular among the females. Females prefer to carry these tattoos on their body parts to covey some specific aspect of their personality and character. Some of these women love carry tattoos with lizard images to represent their escape from a troubles situation and ability to adapt and survive. On the other hand, many females like to carry lizards as a spellbinding and beautiful reptile that captured others attention based on his unique and distinct look.

Lizard Tattoos For Women – Meanings

Women that get a lizard tattoo usually get them for only two reasons. The first being that lizards are appreciated as emblems of adaptation, and show that a woman has escaped a trapped situation in her life, or has been in a troubled position and managed to survive. The second is that lizards are beautiful and spellbinding reptiles that capture attention with their distinctive look that can’t be found anywhere else in nature.

Most women that have lizard tattoos create them in a realistic or cartoon like style design. The most popular being the gecko. These small crafty reptiles can come in a verity of colors and sizes and can be fit pretty much anywhere on the body. Women also like to wrap or surround their lizard with other images and designs to reflect more personality and meaning. Usually lizard tattoos are seen with flames, flowers, or two lizards chasing each other to form a yin yang.

Lizard Tattoos For Women – History

Lizard symbolism plays important, though rarely predominant roles in some cultures (e.g. Tarrotarro in Australian Aboriginal mythology). The Moche people of ancient Peru worshiped animals and often depicted lizards in their art. According to a popular legend in Maharashtra, a Common Indian Monitor, with ropes attached, was used to scale the walls of the Sinhagad fort in the Battle of Sinhagad.

Iguanas are lizards that mainly come from South African rainforests and Central America. They can grow as large as five to six feet in length and are known for their impressive defense mechanisms.

Lizard Tattoos For Women – Ideas

Women tend to choose small lizard tattoos that can be placed on the stomach, groin, lower back, or ankles.
lizard tattoos is on the back or curling over the shoulder, showing the lizard crawling or in motion. The calf or ribs also are a popular spot for this type of tattoo. With its diverse range in size (from a large komodo dragon to a tiny gecko), a tattoo artist can draw and tattoo a small lizard on the top of the foot to a large one covering the entire back.

Lizard tattoos are done in a variety of different colors. Some designs may portray the lizard as green or brown while others may have multiple colors. For example, the gecko lizard is usually green, blue, and yellow. It gives you the advantage to make a unique tattoo design. Some lizard tattoo designs can be inked in pink, orange, or purple also.