Ladybug Tattoos

Ladybug Tattoos Most of the ladybugs are red or orange in color with black spots on them. The good nature of the bug is that it eats up; the bugs that are useless and unwanted, without causing any damage to us.

Ladybug is one of the few insects that have secured a very special place in the world of tattooing. What makes this tiny insect a popular tattoo design is its cuteness, as well as the symbolism and meaning associated with it. Ladybug tattoos seem to be more popular among the ladies, for being so graceful and pretty.

Are you thinking about getting a ladybug tattoo? Because it is a permanent decision, getting a tattoo can be a pretty major deal! Finding a good artist and the perfect tattoo design can be somewhat tricky. Luckily, there are many beautiful tattoos for women available. Ladybug tattoos are a great choice, and there are several different options available.

Ladybug Tattoos History

The history of the ladybug goes beyond all the myths and legends. According to the Chinese, the ladybug is considered to be auspicious and good luck. Many different cultures around the globe believe the ladybug represents good luck. As you already read, the ladybug is associated with the Virgin Mary in Christianity.

Ladybug Tattoos Meaning

Cultures all over the world associate the fabled Ladybug with Good Luck and Good Fortune. For the English and French farmers it indicates good weather. In Sweden and other countries the Ladybug will bring Good Luck with finding your true love.

Finding a ladybug is good luck (the redder the better) A ladybug on your clothing means you will soon get a new piece of clothing. The number of spots on a ladybug indicated the number of happy months lay ahead.

Ladybug Tattoos Design

One way to ‘dress up’ a design to look more feminine is to add flowers, hearts, stars, or swirls. Names of children or siblings, or favored deceased relatives can also be good additions to a ladybug tattoo design.

Ladybug Tattoos Ideas

Ladybug design can be combined with other tattoo designs in order to create some unique patterns. They can look really beautiful and striking with flower tattoos, along with leaves, tendrils and vines. Even other insects tattoos like, butterfly tattoos can be incorporated in this tattoo.

These tattoos are one of the favorites of women. Many men also prefer to adorn their body with the tattoos of this tiny, yet attractive insect. These tattoos are specially ideal for those, who are looking for small, but meaningful and eye-catching tattoos.