Japanese Tattoos For Women

Japanese Tattoos For WomenJapanese Tattoos For Women

Usually women are smaller and delicately built. Hence, the tattoos for women are smaller in size and are also delicately made. Feminine tattoos are usually isolated in one or two spots of the body. Women’s tattoos do not sport as aggressive designs as men’s tattoos. This is however not a rule. Now let’s know some Japanese designs for women’s tattoos.

Kanji tattoos have become very popular. The kanji characters are very intricate and have some kind of mysticism attached to them due to which they seem perfect for tattoo designs. What sets the kanji characters apart is the fact that each kanji symbol is an ideographic character. In simple words, it means that a kanji character represents an entire object or meaning or symbol. When these kanji characters are made, care has to be taken that each stroke is in the right direction and order. The most common words which are depicted using the kanji characters are love, peace, freedom and unity. Some people also choose to ink the name of their loved one in the kanji script. Apart from kanji tattoos, women also like the cursive way of writing in the hiragana script of the Japanese language. If you prefer something simple, you can opt for the simple katakana characters.

The Japanese are passionate about cherry blossoms which are called Sakura in Japanese. These flowers symbolize life itself. They portray how fragile but beautiful life is. In the ancient times, Samurais would write poems about the cherry blossoms depicting their bravery and ‘ready to die any minute’ nature. To sum it up, cherry blossoms denote beauty at its best along with living life to the fullest each and very moment.

The symbol of perseverance and spiritual struggle in Japan is depicted using the Koi fish. The koi fish are seen as individualistic fighters because of the myth that they had reached the doors of the heaven by swimming upstream. The Koi fish tattoo design has a golden and orange color and is accompanied with a picture of splashing water to make it a beautiful design.

Geisha tattoos are also very famous. The geisha girls are considered to be talented women and they were said to be trained in martial arts. If the need be, these geisha women could protect their homes from intruders. If you want to have a strong female image, then a geisha tattoo meets your requirement.

Japanese Tattoos For Women – Meanings

Here are some of the top designs that work very well for the female body. Of procedure any form is open to get by any female. A man is free to select any form they want and a lady could get a huge samurai on their back if they want. However, these themes below tend to be favored by women.

Cherry blossom Tattoos

Cherry blossoms are a gorgeous flower that blooms from the cherry tree typically in April. These gorgeous flowers have long been a passion for the Japan in general. They are symbolic of how brittle and gorgeous life can be. Often the Samurai would write poems about Cherry Blossoms and they opinion of the blossoms as being brave and ready to die at any minute. That is how the Samurai lived their life all the time. So the cherry blossom is a symbol of beauty first and prominent but it also symbolize living life to its fullest each and every day.

Geisha The Oriental Pinup

Another favorite and original theme in Japanese tattoos are Geisha. These women were not the prostitutes or hookers but rather women of culture and refinement that were seen to carry the traditions of the culture. They were often extremely gorgeous and talented women they could sing, play original instruments, dance and entertain. There of procedure are tons of original woodcuts that feature the “floating world” where the Samurai and Geisha would meet. Many of these woodcuts and themes have been done in tattoo designs. If you are finding for a strong female image then you could all the time get a form of a samurai’s wife who were traditionally trained in martial arts and predicted to defend their home if needed.

Koi Fish

Koi fish have long been a symbol for perseverance and spiritual struggle throughout Japan and China. The myth is that the koi fish swim up stream to reach the heavily gate where they then become a flying dragon and fly off into the sky. These gorgeous fish are seen to be fighters and individualists since they go against the flow of the stream and they fight their way to the top. This is a mighty symbol and a very gorgeous tattoo design. With the golden and orange colors of the fish combined with the blue splashing water in the background it is a very gorgeous combination.

Japanese Tattoos For Women – History

So when did women start getting themselves tattooed? According to the Japanese history of the art we find that the first women to actually get them selves tattooed were the geisha girls and prostitutes. Since the nature of their work was such that they sought to attract their customers by means of adorning their bodies with beautiful tattoo designs which they would openly flaunt at the passerby.

With all this knowledge women may really contemplate the moral implications of getting themselves tattooed. With the moral fabric of the western society widely perceived to be declining the women do not feel shy or any shame whatsoever on adopting a trend that was used by people of shady characters. What’s now is now and that was back then they say. Nonetheless women with tattoos are still looked down upon in the conservative Japanese society even today.

Japanese Tattoos For Women – Ideas

From beautiful, exotic flowers to fierce Japanese dragon tattoos, or even large intricately designed samurai warriors, Japanese tattoo symbols and designs work for everyone and anyone. A Japanese koi fish tattoo swimming lazily across a woman’s hip, a tiny ring of beautiful cherry blossoms fused together as an armband or at the ankle, a fierce looking emerald serpent slithering up someone’s calf, or a samurai warrior and a lady embracing on a back – as wonderful as this art of Horimono seems to be – you might very well find yourself being lured into getting all of these beautiful Japanese symbols and designs made on your body.