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Insect Tattoos Insect Tattoos

Insects Tattoos have long been symbolic creatures in cultures all over the world and throughout time. Insects we typically fear or are disgusted by, like scorpions, flies, and spiders, often have a very positive meaning. Some people get tattoos of insects to illustrate their love of a specific species, for example someone might choose a butterfly tattoo design simply because they find them pretty while someone else might choose a spider design because they studied spiders and find them fascinating. Others, though, choose to get insect tattoos because the creature has a specific symbolic meaning that they feel connected with or aspire to.

Ants– This tiny creatures are associated with hard work, orderliness, perseverance, self-discipline and community. They can be tattooed by themselves, or as a trail wandering across the body.

Beetles – There are thousands of species to choose from. Often beetles have interesting antennae, metallic shells or are winged.

Bees – For women wanting a powerful image, the queen bee can be it. She is the lone female who runs an organized and industrious community. The Egyptians thought that honey bees were tears of the sun god Ra.

Butterflies – This symbol continues to be popular for tattoo designs due to the symbolism of metamorphosis and change. Caterpillars change from worms to beautiful winged creatures and many people use this image to mark changes in their lives. They can be rendered fantastical, or highly realistic, large or small. See Butterfly Tattoo Designs for more info.

Dragonflies – This elegant insects are popular tattoo images due to their colorful appearances and unique shape. In Native American mythology, they are messengers between humans and the gods.

Fireflies – The firefly is able to light up and is often associated with seeking or illumination.

Grasshoppers – The grasshopper is sometimes symbolic of nobility or wisdom.

Ladybugs – This beneficial garden insect is a lighthearted and fun design. They are sometimes viewed as a symbol of good luck, with the brighter red color being luckier. These can be tattooed singularly, in groups or alongside floral elements. How many spots would you like yours to have?

Moths – These carry a similar symbolism as butterflies, but are both more subtle and more mysterious. The Greek goddess Psyche was represented by a moth. The paler colors of many species make them popular for a subtle design.

Praying Mantis – This larger garden insect is sometimes viewed as “praying” (holding it’s front legs in a position of prayer) and other times as “preying” (stalking, attacking).

Scarabs – This beetle was particularly significant to the Egyptians and it’s behavior of rolling a ball of dung was associated with the sun god Ra moving through the sky.

Scorpion – This aggressive insect has many associations including wisdom and self-destruction. This creature is also one of the signs of the Western zodiac.

Spiders – Many species and cultural interpretations have made this insect and its webs a staple of tattooing. These insects are viewed as weavers/creators and tricksters.

Wasps – also known as hornets or yellow jackets. These fierce insects are viewed as symbolic of female warrior energy and communal living.

Insect tattoos can be drawn by combining the features of more than one bugs to create a very unique and personalized designs. Because of the versatility of these designs it can drawn the way you like it. They can be a fierce symbols of protection, brightly colored cartoons or personal images of healing, or inspiration.

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