Insect Tattoo Ideas

Insect Tattoo IdeasInsect Tattoo Ideas

Insects In General

Insects are the most diverse group of creatures on earth, and they number well over 800,000 species. Insects range in a spectrum of forms and function that goes from the horribly disgusting to the breathtakingly beautiful. Some insects we fear because of poisonous bites or stings and other insects form an important part of the human diet! But love them or loathe them, insect inspired tattoo designs seem to be worn by a uniquely and imaginatively different crowd of tattoo enthusiasts.

Perhaps owing to the enormous trend of butterfly tattoos, insect tattoos are gaining favor. Insects have long been symbolic creatures in cultures all over the world and throughout time. Insects we typically fear or are disgusted by, like scorpions, flies, and spiders, often have a very positive meaning. Some people get tattoos of insects to illustrate their love of a specific species, for example someone might choose a butterfly tattoo design simply because they find them pretty while someone else might choose a spider design because they studied spiders and find them fascinating.

  • Bettles tattoo ideas- Beetles are not common tattoo symbols, but beetles were incredibly important in Egyptian culture.  The dung beetle or scarab beetle was  associated with gods and divinity.  Beetles often have shiny shells or wings that can reflect all the colors of the rainbow and are actually quite beautiful.  Beetles are generally scavengers who aid humanity rather than harm it.
  • Butterfly tattoo ideas – The most popular of all the insect tattoos can often be found on the lower back or shoulder blade.
  • Dragonfly tattoo ideas – Like butterflies, dragonfly also goes through metamorphosis. It means changes. It defines a certain meaning, in which people wear this tattoo believe in change and fine with it. Only a little less popular then the butterfly tattoo can often found on the lower back or an ankle.
  • Moth tattoo ideas – Moths have similar animal symbolism as butterflies, but have a few distinguishing characteristics that set it far apart from its winged relative. Similar to the butterfly tattoo these delicate designs have a unique and nocturnal look. They can be found on shoulders and the lower back.
  • Ladybug tattoo ideas – The third most popular insect tattoo ranks just below butterfly tattoos and dragonfly tattoos. Although you can get your Lady bug design anywhere, you will often find them on the ankle.
  • Scarab tattoo ideas – Their spiritual implications and ancient association with Egyptian culture make these little creatures very popular for tattoo designs. They are often found centered on the upper or lower back.
  • Ant tattoo ideas – An uncommon choice, ant tattoos can be found crawling all over the body just as they do in real life.
  • Grasshopper tattoo ideas – These multicolored or green jumpers are often found on shoulders.
  • Locusts – Associated with plague and destruction, these frightful creatures make for a unique tattoo and are often found on ankles and shoulders.
  • Bumble Bee tattoo ideas – Favored by gardeners and honey lovers, the bee tattoo will often be found on an ankle or a lower back.
  • Wasp tattoo ideas – These interesting looking creatures are feared in real life but as tattoos they make a striking statement and can be found in many styles. Often they are tattooed on shoulders and ankles.
  • Hornet tattoo ideas – Similar to the wasp the hornet can be found on ankles and shoulders.
  • Preying Mantis tattoo ideas – Stillness, Awareness, Creativity, Patience, Mindful, Calm, Balance and Intuition. The strange alien look of the praying mantis makes it a tempting subject for body art enthusiasts. You will find them lingering on shoulders and shoulder blades. Overwhelmingly in most cultures the mantis is a symbol of stillness. As such, she is an ambassador from the animal kingdom giving testimony to the benefits of meditation, and calming our minds.
  • Caterpillar tattoo ideas – With their strong association to the butterfly, caterpillar tattoos are very popular and imply the early stages of growth prior to change and metamorphosis. They are often tattooed on shoulders and ankles.