important tattoo tipsImportant Tips on How To Take Care Of Your Tattoo

Every tattoo artist has his own theory on how to take care of a tattoo. After he helped you choose a tattoo design, a part of the body suitable for it and inked you, a tattoo master will give you some instructions for cleaning and aftercare but, practically, from that time on you’ll be the only one responsible for your new skin decoration. Following the next few tips will help you keep your skin healthy and protect the color and shape of your tattoo. If you treat it wisely from the very beginning, the design will certainly remain the same for a long time. Let the healing begin!

Don’t wait longer than four hours to get the bandages carefully off. If you have problems removing the gauze because it is stuck to your skin, pour some fresh water over it, it will do the job. Allow your wounded skin to breathe and don’t put bandage back on the tattoo area. Use antibacterial soap and warm water to wash the tattoo area and be careful to wash it using only your hands, not sponge or clothes. Dry the wounded area carefully by patting with a dry towel. It’s not a bad idea to apply small amounts of A & D (vitamin) ointment, Vaseline or Bacitracin to the surface of your skin but remember – too much ointment will increase the chance of infection. You will have to maintain the moisture balance of your tattoo area by gently rubbing small amounts of balm. It takes seven to ten days for wound to heal and, during that period, you will have to clean it four to five times a day.

Meanwhile, avoid hot tubs, hot showers, swimming in the pools, and any other types of activities that can cause rubbing clothes against your tattoo. Oxygen is very important in the healing process, so take care that your clothes is always soft and comfortable. If you want, and you probably do, to prolong the colors of your tattoo, stay out of the sun. Some say that sun brings life to this world, but those people know nothing about the skin symbols. Sun is an archenemy of tattoo designs.  Avoid scratching or picking your wound, but don’t panic if your skin is peeling or scabbing in some stage of the healing process. It is quite normal. If some color fades during these ten days, fear not – color should be back after the complete healing process is over. Avoid shaving your newly tattooed area for about 14 days since that can cause some serious infections. However, no matter what you do, there’s always some risk of complications and sometimes it will be necessary to seek professional help from your doctor, medical professional or tattoo artist, especially if you are feeling pain or swelling or any kind of abnormality.

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