Heart TattoosHeart Tattoos

Ah, the heart. It’s a universal symbol of love. For over a hundred years, women and men alike have been wearing their heart on their sleeve and other places as well. From a little heart on the breast or ankle, to a huge bicep heart with “Mom” emblazoned below; it’s hard to go anywhere these days without seeing plenty of heart tattoos.

Although there is evidence of heart tattoos going back to the 19th century, their popularity exploded during WWII when soldiers and sailors proudly wore the name of their special lady inked right below that luscious red heart tattoo. Later, when that lady wasn’t so special anymore, the forlorn GI might add a piercing arrow to show that his heart was broken.

History of the heart

For thousands of years the heart was thought to be the home of the soul. The bible speaks of men who had “evil” in their hearts, and people with no conscience are still called ”heartless.” While the heart that is used in heart tattoos doesn’t resemble a human heart at all, there are those who believes that it actually depicts the female pubic area which can be a symbol of love all unto itself I suppose.

No one knows for sure when the heart officially became the symbol of love. Many Christians claim that the Sacred Heart of Jesus, also a very popular heart tattoo, is where the connection begins. Of course, it’s the heart the Cupid aims for when he’s set on causing someone to fall head-over-heels in love, so maybe the ancient Romans knew something about the heart that was lost when they disappeared.

No matter what you choose to believe in, folks will know you’re either in love, or in love with the thought of being in love, when they see your heart tattoos.

Why the Heart?

Because you’re in love, want to be in love, or want others to think you’re in love! Or maybe you’ve got a great mom, or a special person who you think you’ll be with long enough to outlast his or her inked name which will probably never fade.

Or perhaps you’ve got some other message you want to use your heart tattoos to deliver. There are plenty of heart tattoo variations available.

  • The Sacred Heart tattoo is typically drawn with thorns surrounding it and a flame shooting from the top.
  • The Namesake Heart tattoo is the traditional ones for lovers and sons who want to show their respect for mom.
  • The Lock and Key Heart tattoo is a couples-only version where the locked heart tattoos are worn by one person and the key tattoo is worn by the other.
  • The Dagger and Heart tattoo. This one usually symbolizes loss or grief although some people wear it as a sign of bravery.

Heart Tattoo TrendsHeart Tattoos

As long as the spirit of love remains alive there will be people who are showing their happiness or pain by wearing their heart tattoos anywhere they can stand the feel of the tattoo needle.

You can do it. Why wear your heart on your sleeve when you can get heart tattoos anywhere you can think of?

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