Heart Tattoo Ideas

Heart Tattoo IdeasWhat makes heart tattoo ideas such a great choice is the variety of ways you can use this, not to mention the variety of symbolization that can go along with it. For instance, those with a strong Catholic faith might wear sacred heart tattoos. These are typically well shaped and realistic hearts, surrounded by thorns and a bright light. Some depictions may also show the hand of Jesus presenting it to the onlooker. Another example would be the ‘lock and key’ heart. This is used most frequently by married couples, but can also be used to signify a deep friendship, or the bond between parent and child.

Since the early 1900s, hearts have been a common selection for tattoo aficionados. As tattooing became more mainstream, it was commonplace to see men, usually sailors, sporting the typical red, round heart with “Mom” in the center. Soldiers leaving for World War II often made a trip to their local tattoo parlor to get a girlfriend’s name inked on a heart before heading overseas. Tattooing became more than just a cosmetic rebellion for the fringes of society; it brought people closer and helped servicemen take a small part of home into battle.

Now, let us see what are the types of heart tattoo ideas.

Black Heart Tattoos – Black heart tattoos are recognized to represent a very sad day in someone’s life. The meaning of black heart tattoos are of a personal nature. This design can be seen for reasons ranging from the loss of a friend or relative, end of a relationship, or even a memorial after a tragic event. This tattoo is a perfect way to remember someone in death. You may want to use their name under the heart, angel wings, cross or even flowers. The 9 -11 black heart tattoos are very popular as a memorial to that dark day in the history of the United States of America. There are many images to add to this black heart tattoo. A few are the Trade Center Building, American flag or an eagle.

Broken Heart Tattoos – Broken heart tattoos are seen often now days for a reminder of a lost loved one. Some may wear this tattoo for a failed relationship. As a memorial, broken heart tattoos can represent people or their pets. You can add a picture of the person or something they enjoyed in life to broken heart tattoos. For a memorial try adding your pet’s likeness or paw print to the broken heart tattoo.

Celtic Heart Tattoos – Celtic heart tattoos are a beautiful way to show strength and unity. Celtic heart tattoos usually consist of four different patterns. They are made of knots, crosses, spirals and/or step work. Most Celtic heart tattoos will have a minim of at least one of these styles in the heart.

Tribal Heart Tattoos – Tribal heart tattoos are well liked due to their great looks while displaying your personal message. As a plus to tribal heart tattoos; there are hundreds of designs for this tattoo for you to choose from. The tribal razor wire design looks very good. The razor wire design with its dark bold sharp edge look, works well with flowers, butterflies and the name of your loved one. It’s the contrast between the two designs that creates the extraordinary image.

Heart with wing tattoos are mostly done on the lower back, arm and wrist. The location depends mainly on the size of the tattoo. These tattoos can be extended easily and that’s why the location should be chosen carefully. Talking about winged heart tattoo designs, you can make your own design or choose one depending on the reason for getting the tattoo done. Like, people who had a bad experience with love, often get a heart with one wing or a heart with a dagger in it. People who are in love like to embed their beloveds’ name in the heart. Different color combinations like blue for the wings and red for the heart or any dark or light color for the wings and a shaded heart can also make a unique design.

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