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From “Dead Heads” to bikers, Goths to mates of Captain Jack Sparrow, skull tattoos are as hot now as they were when real pirates sailed the Spanish Main. Although the skull is often used as a symbol for danger, death or poison, there’s nothing deadly about having a skull tattoo. In fact, it’s trendy thanks to Hollywood celebs who are sporting skull design purses, t-shirts, jeans, scarves, jewelry and, of course, skull tattoos.

History of the skull


The skull has long been associated with the dead for obvious reasons. That’s why Mexico honors their departed ancestors during the festive Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos) with skull-shaped cookies and other skull-related decorations and symbols.

The famous “skull and cross bones”, a standard symbol to warn of danger or poisonous substances since the late 1800’s, was also used for several centuries to mark the entrance to Spanish cemeteries. Of course pirates, being a bit dangerous themselves, also found the skull and cross bones to be an appropriate symbol.

As people began adapting the skull to body art, the cross bones faded away, but the skull loomed larger than ever!

Why the Skull?



A skull tattoo is hot, trendy and definitely will be noticed (depending upon where you have it placed, of course). But not everyone is into the fashion side of the macabre. People get a skull tattoo to show their allegiance to a particular group, such as bikers, to show how tough they are (Special Forces and SEALS), or just to goof on people and make them wonder. All very valid reasons for getting a skull tattoo.

While a single skull tattoo by itself means whatever the wearer wants it to mean, there are some skull tattoos that have come to be connected to certain ideals or beliefs.

  • A skull with a black candle protruding from the top is typically worn by people who practice black magic (or want you to think they do).
  • A skull tattoo that includes a heart or a rose is often used by people who appreciate the bitter-sweetness of life or love.
  • A tattoo of five skulls in a circle may represent someone who is a believer in Buddhism. That’s because Yama, the Buddhist “Lord of the Dead” is symbolized by a ring of five skulls around his head which depicts the defeat of anger, greed, pride, envy and ignorance.
  • Likewise, someone who wears a skull tattoo necklace around their wrist, arm or neck is likely to be a Hindu who is honoring the “Goddess of Death”.

Skull tattoo trends


What’s driving the popularity in Skull Tattoos? Plenty of things. There’s the old Hippies (OK, Baby Boomers) who won’t let go of the Grateful Dead, fashionistias who want to wear what the rich and famous are wearing, Wiccans, Goths, Soldiers and Sailors, and all those people who spent millions of dollars to go see all three of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

Strange that this symbol of death doesn’t look like it’s going to die any time soon, so go ahead – get a skull tattoo!

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