Flower Tattoos For Men

One of the most popular designs in the tattooing industry today has to be floral images and while these were often more a female choice now flower tattoos for men are widely sought after too. There is nothing quite like a lotus flower tattoo on a manly arm or shoulder and it can greatly accentuate a guy’s overall look plus it shows a strong and confident personality too.

One question from a guy, he was confused because he want to have a flower tattoo, this is what he said:

“So I recently got a tattoo and I really want to get another one right next to it. I have been trying to come up with some ideas, and I think i want to get a gardenia. The reason is that it is my mothers favorite flower and she had them in her bouquet in my parents wedding. So yeah I just turned 19 and I’m a guy, would it be weird if I got a flower tattoo? Also I do not want to get the cliche mom written under it.”